Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Thankfulness, Freebies!, Teacher Tags, & Classroom Clip Ribbon Set

Today in the States it is Veteran's Day.  I a very thankful for those who have served our country and continue to serve our country.  I am thankful for my father, grandfather, uncle, and cousins who chose to put their country's needs above their own!

Speaking of thankfulness, I am very thankful for Shannon Long of Sweet Blessings , Loved Greatly, & Technology Rocks. Seriously!  She has this amazing freebie on her blog Sweet Blessings.  I am frequently a day or two behind, but I am determined to keep going.  It is 30 days of scripture to look up, write out, and reflect on.  Thanks Shannon for choosing the verses you did and helping me to keep my eyes & heart where they belong!

I had posted a while ago about a poster set I had made and posted in my TpT store for $1, well I have changed that poster set to be my primary freebie.
I felt that it was more reflective of what I am currently doing and I really am trying to follow that advice and not go into 'shutdown mode' when I get an obstacle in my path!  Please click on the image above to go to my store and download this freebie...there are 5 different posters with the same quote...hopefully one of them will work well for your classroom or other space!

This summer I saw The Lego Movie with my kids and I really loved the line about how Emmett really is The Special & so is everyone.  I have had this poster in my head for months and finally made it for that quote!  It is also available in my store as a freebie {feel free to spend some time there looking at what else I have in my store when you drop by ;-)}

A year ago I was inspired by Run Miss Nelson's Got the Camera and her 'Brag Tags' or 'Brag Beads'.  I blogged about it here.  I did not originally plan to sell any of them, not wanted to infringe on the rights of others.  After seeing a lot of similar products I emailed Miss Nelson and she so graciously gave me the thumbs up to sell my versions of the tags, which I refer to as Teacher Tags!  So, here is my first set {I did need to do my research and find what graphics & fonts I had used & due to Terms of Use I had to modify my originals} Click on the image below to find them in my store!  Oh, it includes a page of 1/2 Birthday Tags...inspired by my sister & daughter who both have summer birthdays!

The next thing I am putting into my store is something that is COMPLETELY my own creation! :D

I have had my students sign out to use the restroom for years.  They know that my policy is no more than once a day or twice a week during class time. {students with medical issues are the exception}
I frequently reward students who have not used the restroom at all during class time.  It can be such a challenging issue; not wanting a student to have an accident {happened in one of my first years of teaching...I had been asked over & over again by students throughout that day...a student came up about 2 minutes before recess & I told her 'no'...yep, she had an accident & Mom burst into my room shouting, "How dare you embarrass my child and not let her use the restroom when she needs it!"...now I had discretely sent her up to the office to call for a change of clothes...it is NEVER my desire to embarrass a child!...now I typically ask, "Can you wait ____ minutes until recess?" when it is close to recess}....as I said the students sign out with the time on a weekly sheet, but it seems that when we are doing seat work...Johnny wants to go...then Suzy...then Jose...then Maria...then...then...then... before last year I would start listing the names of who was next....

The Classroom Clip Ribbon Set was my solution!  The main ribbon has clothespins {I dyed them last summer~thank you Pinterest!} and each clip has a number hot glued to it 1-30...the students ask to use the restroom, if someone is out of the room I will ask the student to put the clip up, the next one under that etc...when the student returns from the restroom he or she returns the clip & lets the next person know it is time for him or her to go...I also have a ribbon for 'I Need to See Mrs. Wilson' {The TpT set says 'My Teacher', but if you email me I will gladly send you one with your name on it!}

Have a blessed week!

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