Sunday, February 7, 2016

SoCal Meet-Up, Valentine Banquet, The Power of Yet, Dioramas, & Kahoot

A VERY late 5 for Frunday for me.  It has been a busy weekend.

Yesterday it was such a pleasure to meet up with 32 other lovely ladies who blog & TpT!  I LOVED Katie's home...just look at her color coordinated bookshelf!, but more than loving her beautiful home, I LOVED Katie~her gracious, beautiful, welcoming spirit...the whole afternoon was filled with wonderful conversations & yummy food! I am so blessed to have been a part of this day!
I headed straight from Katie's house to our church's Valentine is a big deal for me, not just because our youth put on a delicious meal, wonderful entertainment, including songs by our youth ensemble, a hilarious version of the Newlywed Game {staring our 4 pastors & their wives}, and yummy, this Valentine Banquet was the 15th anniversary of my first date with my husband & 14 years ago he proposed AT the Valentine Banquet in a daugher{in the kissing booth picture with me} wouldn't be here if it weren't for the Valentine Banquet!  It made for a terrific day!!

 I use Class Dojo in my room and I am LOVING their new series of videos!!!  This week's video was the Power of "Yet"...the sign on the right is a poster I had made in March 2012...we talk all the time about them only saying 'Can't' if they say 'I can't YET' & there it was in the video...such a great reinforcement of what I have been telling them all year!

I wanted to share some of my student's dioramas...I was very proud of the effort most students put into their projects! Go Class!
If your students use devices in class, I HIGHLY recommend using Kahoot! My students LOVE it!!!! I love that they get the immediate feedback on whether they got a question right or wrong.

Okay, off to bed...I will place some of these pictures on Instagram in the morning!  Have a blessed week!
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