Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December Wrap Up! :D {Christmas Joy}; December Project; Grinch Pictures; Christmas Trees

I work in a small town in California that sometimes gets a bad wrap in TV & movies, and by other folks in California.  I love Barstow {I live just a bit outside of town} and I am glad to be a part of a community of very special people...I am a part of a Facebook group called Barstow Good News is a place where people can share good & great things in our town...I had read a wonderful post by a mother on December 19th that I was really touched by and then on Christmas Day she did Part I read Part 2 to my husband I was so touched I was in tears...I received permission from the mother to share her posts with you here...I hope you will take the time to read this...

I took my 5yr old out to see some lights..I went to the first house on Frances. My son got so excited to see so many lights & things, he just kept yelling things out that he saw ( I think he even repeated a few things). I was driving really slow but he rolls down his window & says"Stop mom, Christmas Joy is here". At that moment, I didn't understand what he was saying. So, I asked him. He says, "Mom, The Joy of Christmas, is when the lights shine on you & it makes you happy". At that moment I realized, that my 5yr old made me feel stupid, that he had to explain, What Christmas Joy is...
My son didn't want to leave, but I told him there's more to see..& of course I had to promise that we would return to that house..We went around town & saw many lights, & his reaction, was the same..We drove around for about 2 hours. Then I tell him its time to go home..My son says, Mom, There's a lot of Christmas Joy here, some big & some small, but I don't care, It's all Christmas Joy..
So, I would like to give a big shout out to all that put up lights, big or small you made my 5yr old smile...
(My son says Thank you for the Christmas Joy, Can we have more Christmas Joy.)

Part 2
I took my 5 yr old out again to see what he calls Christmas Joy..We made it a long adventure thru streets & places we have never been before, so we stopped at Starbucks & got some holiday drinks & treats..We drove around town for 3 hours, not really caring about the price of gas, just enjoy the Christmas Joy, with my son..
As we were driving around & listening to him yell" Christmas Joy" over & over again..I tell him that soon the Christmas Joy will be all gone, cause they will start taking the Christmas Joy down..My son was shocked that I told him the Christmas Joy would be gone..We stopped at a house with many beautiful lights on their lawn & we got out of the car to really see all it's beauty & my son lays down in the middle of the lawn.( I was freaking out, worried the home owner would come out). I am telling him to get off the lawn. He's says, "Mom, can you give me, 5 mins, I want to get as much Christmas Joy, I can get, with all the lights shining on me & making me happy". So, I stood there, watching my son, get as much Christmas Joy as he could get..
We finally left & I was so glad, the home owner didn't come out..As we were driving away, I asked him if he got enough Christmas Joy..He says mom, sometimes, I get sad & I get mad at you & I am not happy, but now, I have a lots of Christmas Joy that will help me, keep me happy..
The Christmas Joy in Barstow thru the eyes of a child..If we all could take in all the beauty that a child does..
Merry Christmas to all.

Part of the reason I love being a teacher is being able to see the world & life through the eyes of a child...their view sometimes helps us adjust our view!  I will remember to soak in that 'Christmas Joy' like a child!

Santa's New Suit; Gingerbread Man Disguises

Each year I have my 'December Project' in which the students choose to either give Santa a new suit or disguise a gingerbread man so he/she can make it through the holidays.  Each one has a speech bubble for the student to fill out.  Above are some from my class.

3rd Grade Art

I had shared before some of the Grinches that last year's class made; these are drawn by this year's class.  Click here for the directions to make them.

Ice Cream Cone Christmas Trees
For the last few years our class has made these Christmas trees from sugar cones during our class party.  The kids love making them...the mini M&Ms worked great...if you look at the upper left those are Starbursts shaped into stars to top the trees!

Happy New Year's Eve...I plan to be back tomorrow for January Currently!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

14 in 14 a Linky with Teeny {Kristin}, Miss Kindergarten {Hadar}, & Fireflies {Traci}

I am at my brother & sister-in-law's house in Sacramento...we arrived last night & are staying for Christmas...this morning we woke up to this...Tiny & Henry the elves that reside here made it snow at the piano & left snowballs for my 2 nephews & Andrew & Sieanna! FUN!!

I am linking up with these great bloggers for 14 in 14! :)

My Favorite quote is from the Lego Movie.  I love the message that it we are each so very special, and that yes, we all can be The Special...I liked it so much that I turned it into a freebie printable!!!  Just click on the poster preview below to go to my store {feel free to look around while you are there;-D} and download for your classroom!

Wow, this one for me is the most difficult...I just don't have a favorite right now...I am going to go ask my husband what his favorite of mine is...well...he said he likes quite of few of my dresses & brought up this one...

I got started on reading the Divergent series thanks to my son Andrew...I did finish the 3rd book before he did...GREAT series!!!...we were so excited for the release of the movie, and although we both had several critiques of how they brought the book to life, we both really enjoyed it!
This was the easiest one for me no doubt about it...Once Upon a a matter of fact in a bit of a depression since there won't be any new episodes til March!!!!


I LOVE Mizthera Cheese Spaghetti from The Old Spaghetti Factory!!  Most other places I have a variety of items I variety, but when I get an opportunity to eat at The Old Spaghetti Factory, I ALWAYS order this...YUM!!!!

I have LOVED GoNoodle, a new addition to my classroom this year...if you have not yet tried it...DO!!...the kids love it, it is good for them, it is a powerful classroom management tool....WE LOVE GONOODLE!!!! {click on logo to go to GoNoodle}

This November I received one of the best gifts I have ever is from a dear friend whom I taught with for 25 years...she has seen my ups and downs, the challenges our family has faced, and watched as I have struggled with liking myself at times...this gift cost no money, yet is of GREAT VALUE to me!!!  This is the text I received at the beginning of November:
"I know you are going through some very hard times right now.  I am always here for you if you need to talk.  I am praying for you.  I liked your comment that you joked with the kids in your class. (I prayed Tues. night that you would have a good day at school). I am going to try to send you a very quick text for every day left in November to remind you of your positive traits.  Hopefully you will be able to focus more on the good things than the bad. (I know easier said than done).  I should follow my own medicine.  Take care of yourself so you can be healthy. Take one day at a time.  God will be with you leading the way!" {Bold emphasis mine}
These are her texts:
"Mrs. Wilson is an awesome teacher!!!!!!  Have a good day!!!"
"Nancy is a WONDERFUL mother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"Nancy is a great friend!!!!"
"Nancy is a loyal friend!!!"
"Nancy is trustworthy!
"Nancy is a very caring person."
"Nancy is always very generous in her personal life and in her professional life. She is always willing to share her ideas and materials with other teachers.  This is much appreciated!!"
"Nancy is respected by her friends and coworkers."
"Nancy is creative"
"Nancy is patient"
"Nancy is a hard working person. She puts a lot of effort into her classroom teaching."


This pin comes from one of my favorite boards "Imagination Captured {Once Upon a Time, Hunger Games, Divergent}"

This year I really didn't get into the swing of posting again until November so any I could choose are pretty recent...I think one of my favorite posts was this one because it is part of what #3 is, my favorite memory!  It also included family pictures as well! {click on picture to go to post}

I know I had talked about getting moving forward with TpT for literally years...this fall I finally 'Launched my Store'...although it has been a slow start I am going to keep moving forward.


This is my favorite picture from this is bittersweet.  It was taken on July 16th, my big sister's birthday.  The day before her husband passed away...her feet are the golden toenails with the heart, the other toes are mine, the light nails are my sister-in-law's, & the blue are my daughter's.  We all wanted to spend the day with my sister & make it special in a low key kind of way...we had cupcakes from a place that has won on Cupcake Wars...and just enjoyed special time loving and listening!

I was so blessed to be able to attend the first ever TpT Confernce and was able to learn so very much and meet or reconnect with so many amazing people!  I pray I will be able to attend in 2015!
To blog here at least once every other week & focus on my one little word this here's #1...

I am not sure when I figured out what creature/animal best describes me, but I definitely know what it is...a sea family used to vacation in Baja California {Mexico} by the ocean & we would visit the tide pools...I loved climbing all over and of my favorite creatures was the sea anemone...beautiful when opened up, but if it felt threatened closed up into an unattractive little green I may not turn green, but when I have felt insecure, threatened, or depressed I simply stop and retreat...this is something that I am praying to 2014 I chose the word "ASK" as my word & you can read more about it this year I prayed about what my word should be...thought of stretch, grow, forward, continue...and then it hit me and I knew what my word was...
I can't shutdown & go into my little blob & SEEK at the same is is moving forward...the Word says, 'if you seek, you WILL find' there it is 14 in 14!!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Just a Quick Fun Post!

Hi all...just a quick post today, a few fun videos & some additions to my classroom!

I found the cutest Youtube video...a teacher redid Taylor Swift's Shake it Off just for teachers...I so related to "Sub plans I hate to make"!!!

Since that one put me in a good mood, I decided to look up other teacher are some of my favorites that I found:


This last month a had some changes in my room...I like using chart paper for notes & anchor charts, but it has been a challenge to find magnets that will hold it up. {I like to keep the whole pad so the pen doesn't bleed through onto the white board} When I saw these at the store I figured they were worth a far so good!

I found this tape at the 99 Cent Only store & gave my file cabinets a bit of a makeover! You can see I am still finishing the green one!

 Our librarian has 5 of these 'Big Joe' seats in the library...the kids love them and they are really well made...I love that they are in the form of a chair & stay that way, much better than the traditional bean bag chair...for right now I am using it, but I plan to use it as an incentive for my students...just haven't figured out what the criteria will be to sit on it!...they were $25 at Walmart, normally $40!

Hope to be blogging soon...there are some fun linkies I would like to join!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

5 for Frunday??? Better Late Than Never!

I am doing this even though Doodle Bugs is taking a break! :)

I so love GoNoodle!  They have now changed the "YOU Like to Move It!" video to say 'Barstow' instead of our county....THANK YOU GoNoodle for the change!!!!  Because I had submitted the video to them they gave me a code for a free shirt!!!! {just had to pay shipping} I wore it to school Monday...the kids loved it!!!  On CyberMonday they had a sale so I bought GoNoodle pencils for my class for Christmas & the window decal in the upper right...the bottom left is the bag I was so excited to get in the mail containing the CyberMonday goodies.  If you have not yet checked them out, do so!!!...if you follow them on Facebook you can click on their links for Neuroscience for Teachers! isn't just fun {which it is beyond's a BLAST} it is GOOD for our kids!!!!! {click on logo above to go to their site!! }

Last year my students made these Grinch pictures...we are working on them this week....I love how they are all unique...I love Art Projects for Kids...she has step by step to draw many different things & many other art projects for on my picture above & it will take you to the How to Draw Grinch page!
I am so sad my school color printer died...and now it is a grayscale world...a new printer has been ordered~black & white...I am considering doing a Donor's Choose project for a color printer & LOTS of ink!!  On my December Currently one of the things I was going to give my students was a personalized {with their names, apple, & roadrunner {our mascot} decorations} multiplication table...somehow having it in grayscale just doesn't seem like much of a gift :-(  I am going to be doing a lot more printing from home...anyone research the most cost efficient color printer????

Our community has had so many wonderful Christmas Celebrations & has more planned in the coming days! the collage above from left to right, top to bottom...our church youth choir {my son is on the right in the first picture}, Chi Alpha performing at the Veteran's Home, Chi Alpha performing at Barstow Community College's Annual Festival of Lights & Learning,  Chi Alpha Performing at our Community's First Annual Tree Lighting, Marine Corps Color Guard at the Tree Lighting, College Band Winter Concert {photo credit~Eric Drake} (my son was playing tuba) {Blogger is being difficult!  The video just doesn't want to load!!!! :-(}  of my daughter {in the center with the pink snowman shirt} at the College Festival.
This coming week...2 nights of mini dance recital for my daughter, high school choir concert for my son, our church's annual Christmas Alive play (4 days in a row)...busy, busy, busy, but enjoying all of the sights & sounds! 
{2 more videos will be uploaded in the morning...Dropbox is still uploading them!}

I am so very excited to begin using the 'Kicking It' Multiplication set I purchased from my friend from the TpT Conference, Kelly Malloy!
Teacher Tags {rest of the teaching world calls them Brag Tags}~~Check
Parent Letters Ready~~Check
My Teacher Info & Masters Together~~Check
Student Fact Rings Ready~~Check {Okay, only the first to levels!}
Student Pocket Folders Ready~~Check
Can't wait to start using this!!!! 
{I will be purchasing a second license for a coworker today...she thought it looked great too!}
Clicking on the collage will take you to this in her TpT store! :)

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