Monday, November 24, 2014

Just a Quick Post...A Week of Giving Linky Party... T is for....

I loved this idea of sharing what we are thankful for using the word Thanks! {click on picture above to link up or just see what T words others are thankful for! :)} Since it is 10:30 pm this post will be VERY short, just sharing my T...back tomorrow for H!

This may seem a little obvious, but I really am so very thankful for teachers!  Some of the teachers from my childhood and beyond are Kindergarten~Mrs. Reagle, 1st~Miss Miller, 3rd~Mrs. Sullivan, 8th~Mr. Towsend, College~Sue McBride.
As a teacher I have been blessed to work with so many incredible teachers!
My children have been blessed to have such amazing teachers too!

It is not the easiest time to be a teacher and I so appreciate all who devote themselves to their students and their constant growth!


  1. Love the post Nancy, thanks so much for linking up! I truly appreciate teachers too!


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