Monday, August 5, 2013

Made it Monday...I've been INSPIRED by others! :-) & Two Blogs You Should Follow if You Aren't Already!

Another Made it Monday!!! I can't wait until NEXT WEEK :-D  I'm working on some things I am SUPER excited about!!! But here is this week's items {I'm pretty excited about them too! :-)}!!!! I have been SO inspired by Run! Miss Nelson's Got the Camera!!! She has made the CUTEST "Brag Tags"!!!! Here is a picture from her it and it will take you to the post all about them!

She has these two as freebies in her TpT Store {Here for Homework Club} & {Here for Perfect Attendance}
She sells several different sets; {Here}, {HERE} & even one that you can label {HERE}....Well I've been teaching for 25 years and there are a bunch of specific ways I could see these working in my classroom & I have so many graphics that I really wanted to use... so I began creating a bunch for my room!

These will be on their ball chains the first day...their name, their book number & their 'beginner' card...more about that one in a bit!

At the end of the 1st day they will get to add this one!

I use Whole Brain Teaching...{I can't WAIT til' Saturday to go to the conference!!! is a post about Saturday's FREE conference in Southern California} and last year I began with the 'Super Improver Stars' {I didn't do very good with it :-(...planning to do some improving myself! :-) }...these are the first two levels...I will make the others later...I guess I could have done the diagonal word the opposite way...but...I wanted them to look down and see what level they are on!

For several years I have had a 'required' amount of reading for homework each night & a column for how much they DID read to encourage them to go beyond the minimum.  Have have given certificates in the past, and thought this would be a great addition!

I also give a 'Spelling Bee' certificate for those that score 100% on their weekly spelling test...once again a nice addition!

I use a behavior clip chart in my room & purple is at the top...I thought this would be special for those students that have had every day in a week end on purple!

In the past I have used a 'Shiney Apple Award' in my room...I will have to post pictures of it later when I can get at it!...I wanted to start using it again this year so this, along with the certificate, this will be given to the student when he or she earned the award.
I decided it would be nice to give these to the students on their daughter, who has her birthday in June asked me what I was going to do about the summer birthdays....

We will celebrate it on their 1/2 birthday!! if it was for my daughter...she would get the half birthday tag & birthday tag on December 20th since her birthday is June 20th!!
Now...I think I am a little nuts, because here I am getting ready to launch my stores...{goal is within the week!!} & I have been obsessed with busy with creating, printing, laminating, cutting, & punching all of these & they WILL NOT be in my store...this is Miss Nelson's thing & some of the graphics are ones that I can't sell items I've made using them.

My next Made it Monday was also inspired by another blogger Mrs. Gilchrist's Class...she has a robot theme for her back to school goodies & larger labels...I wanted to tie in apples & I have the smaller labels {got a TON of them with Office Max's deal of only a penny for a box of 3000 labels!! You pay $27 dollars but get $26.99 back on your rewards!!} so I used what I had!

Mrs. Gilchrist's version
My version
I need to work on getting the printing right...the Avery labels have not been lining up exactly right...there is supposed to be a apple ribbon at the top & bottom of the sticker.. :(  I'm sure the kids will love it though!

There are two pretty new collaborative blogs with some of my favorite bloggers contributing that are both giving away a lot of GREAT resources for your classroom!! I honestly don't know how these women are doing it...I've been on this computer a WHOLE LOT this summer & I still can't accomplish every thing here that I want to!! on the buttons to take you to these fabulous blogs!!!


  1. Your brag tags turned out great!! I've thought about using them...and after reading your post think I really should try them!
    A Tall Drink of Water

    1. I am really excited about trying them this year! I am now following your blog too! It's nice to find other 3rd grade teachers! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Thanks for the GREAT idea!

  3. Sooo cute!!!!! You did a great job!!!!

  4. Thanks so much...thank you for the inspiration!


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