Sunday, May 26, 2013

Five for Friday on a Saturday!..Ahhhh Now Sunday!!

Yes, I am still alive and teaching!  I decided that joining in with Doodle Bugs Teaching's Five on Friday was a nice way to get back to this blog.  :)  I'm spending time reading other's Five on Friday as well!

1. Proud Mama!

  This week we had a school talent show and my daughter, Sieanna, did this dance.  She choreographed the whole thing herself!  She is in fourth grade and taken dance classes since she was 3.   Many of her friends were amazed at what she could do! :)

2.  Trying to Organize!

I found these great containers at Dollar Tree, 2 in a pack!  They are not only the right size for decks of cards, but two sets of tangrams fit in them too!!  If you are like me you've spent a small fortune on ziplocs, and over time they tear.  Also these stack so nicely!  On the larger containers I have labels from Vistaprint, on the smaller ones Avery Labels using their online design templates.  Since I love the hanging folders I decided to use my file cabinet drawers for some of my math storage.  Someone had shown this on their blog and I loved the idea!

3. Mic Gillette's Visit to Barstow
Tom Politzer, Andrew, Mr. Barilone, Mic Gillette

they hung out with the kids

Andrew's one on one lesson with Mic
Route 66...personal for our kids! :)

Tom & Mic playing with our kids!

In Barstow we are blessed to not only have hung on to our music program, but our music instructors are OUTSTANDING! This is the 4th year that Mic Gillette, professional musician- formerly of Tower of Power, has come to Barstow Jr. High and worked with the students.  This is the 3rd year Tom Politzer, currently in Tower of Power, has come and worked with the students.  Andrew won a one on one lesson with Mic for selling the most tickets to the 'Atomic Jazz' show they put on with Mic & Tom.  Andrew played valve trombone for jazz, but he did his lesson with the tuba because he was getting ready to audition for Wind Ensamble for the high school.  Mic was great and Andrew did make it with some high praise from the high school music teacher. :) If your school district has a music program, Mic travels all around the country working with his program Mic Gillette Music in Schools, check out the link & pass on the info!

4. Vistaprint Order
It's been a while since I ordered, they don't have the continual free items they used. :(  I did just order all of this and still only spent $50.
5. Yeah for a 3 Day Weekend and for Those Who Have Served our Country!!
It's now Sunday Morning so I better hit 'POST' or this will never get done!!

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