Tuesday, February 24, 2015

TpT Sale!!! The Correct Pageant Title for me!!

Yippie! A TpT {Teachers pay Teachers}SALE!!!  There are only a few big sales a year so take advantage of checking some things off of your wish list!  There are so many amazing teacher authors & artists {clip art} & font designers!  MANY TpT shop owners are having all of their products 20% & then type in HEROES to get 10% off of that~making it 28% off!!  Also, if you leave feedback on purchases you have made you will get credit to use towards future products! {click on the image to go to TpT}

Here are some of the products I currently have in my store...

Apple Themed Objective Boards that you can print, laminate, & write on with dry erase!Apple Themed Objective Boards

 These are printed, laminated, cut, and they go on a dog tag~I refer to them in class as Teacher Tags.
Stop by my store to check out more of my products!!
The last thing on Farley's Currently for February was Pageant Title...I put "Miss Thankful" although I try to always be thankful...I thought about it a lot this month I realized I am the Queen of Multitasking Starters!...I get so many things started~everywhere...but finishing, well that is a challenge...I have at LEAST 4 different projects started for Teachers pay Teachers that I need to finish..here is some more evidence...I gave up trying to get Christmas cards out a couple years ago...I figured New Year's was more my speed...spent time getting the front of the New Year's letter done, but never got the back done!!!  So, family & friends here is our partial New Year's Letter!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

5 for Frunday~{Report Cards; GoNoodle Plus; Book Study;Google Conference; & Birthday Meme}

My Five for Frunday is about things that I am either NOT looking forward to or looking forward to...

NOT looking forward to...

Report Cards!  Our trimester ends next Friday and I am NOT looking forward to this weekend & next weekend sorting, grading, bubbling {scanned tests}, averaging, checking, writing comments, & filling in grades...I used to think it was kids who weren't wild about report cards well, ....this is one of this teacher's LEAST favorite things about my job...but, as my classroom sign says...WE CAN DO HARD!!!

Looking forward to...

Trying out GoNoodle Plus

   We love using GoNoodle for Brain Breaks!  I was looking at what GoNoodle Plus has to offer & saw that there is a 15 free trial.  As I said before, our trimester ends next Friday & we have a lot to finish up this next week....we are going to try the freebie Plus time and see what we think of it!

I am looking forward to joining up with some amazing bloggers who are doing a book study of Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites...I plan to read along, see what these bloggers have to say, & hopefully join in on the discussion about this book.  If you click on the image it will take you to Blog Hoppin which lists the schedule for reading & who is reflecting on those chapters.

Google Conference!...4 teachers & our principal are going to this training in Palm Springs the first full weekend in March!  I am so excited to learn more about Google Docs, Chrome, YouTube {although it is currently blocked in our district}, Google Drive & so much more!!!

I love Michelle over at The 3AM Teacher!  She makes such great stuff!!  I have her 'Hello Planner' & I am loving it...her birthday is Monday & she is hosting a fun "Create a fun birthday Meme" for her birthday...we were asked to use one of her pictures she took at the Wildlife World Zoo this last week...here's what I created...

Since I will be turning 50 in just a few short months I am trying to convince myself that I a just showing more character!!!...what I am looking forward to with my #5 is whatever goodie Michelle may share if enough people create a meme!!
#3ambirthdaymeme Have a blessed week!

Monday, February 16, 2015

5 for ????? {4 Day Weekend; Valentine's at School; AR Management Update; Tape Dispenser Makeover; Happy for a Friend!}

Yes, it is supposed to be Five for FRIDAY, but....even with a 4 day weekend, it just isn't happening for me on a Friday, or on a Saturday, or even on a Sunday this week!...I love the format of the 5 things & started working on the post Friday....sooooo.....

It is a 4 DAY WEEKEND!!!!!  Whoo hooo....the  bummer of that is I spent ALL day sick in bed on Saturday :(...not much of a Valentine's Day...went to the movies yesterday with my sweetheart though & saw 'Black or White'...& today we will head up to Big Bear {mountain community about an hour away} with my daughter & husband...so I better hurry up & finish this post!

We had our Valentine's Day Party on Thursday....we made Valentine's Floats inspired by this

{Click on picture to go to the blog post it comes from}  we all enjoyed the floats...they gave it a thumbs up as a class...we played this super fun & educational game 
while the kids placed their Valentines in each others hearts...about 4 at a time...the kids used a conversational heart as their marker on the game board...& Rocky dropped off Valentine Grams! 

I just updated my AR Management~Apple Themed to include this 'AR Monthly Goal Met!' page!  Check it out by clicking on the picture!

A friend gave me an old tape dispenser that was pretty blah looking....so with a bit a washi tape {notice Apple Basket colors are the same as Christmas colors?!?! great for supplies after Christmas ;-)} and tada....a makeover!

I am SO very excited and happy for my TpT Conference friend Kelly Malloy!!!!! She hit her first TpT milestone!!!!!  Way to go Kelly!!!!  So wonderful!!!  I have several of her products which I LOVE:

Drop by her blog & let her know Nancy~The Apple Basket Teacher sent you over with some smiles 
:-) :-) :-)

An Apple for the Teacher

Saturday, February 7, 2015

5 for Fraturday {or maybe Frunday depending on how long it takes me to do this post!} Class art; Honor Band; V-banquet; Mel's Thoughts; & Our House

The last few days of the school week I was feeling pretty grumpy...the class was not doing such a hot job on responding to my signal & they were talking A LOT!!!....so for art we made...

The picture on the left has the 8 1/2 x 11 sample for the class & the large one is on chart paper...I took the picture of both together so you could see the scale of the picture...I LOVE the step by step art guides from Art Projects for Kids!!!{this link goes directly to her Grumpy Cat step by step}...I never let the students know ahead of time what we are drawing & it is so fun to hear their predictions as the picture is forming! We have a teacher who teaches 2nd grade & loves cats {the kids all know this too!} and Grumpy Cat is her favorite...this is her at Halloween...yes, she was Grumpy Cat...so I gave her my pictures! 

We have been busy, busy, busy as my daughter not only got cast in our community college's production of Gypsy, she is also in her school's production of Jungle Book, of course 4...no now it is 5 dance classes a week & she just made our County Elementary Honor Band!  We are very blessed in our community to have a WONDERFUL music program in our schools!!! One of our band teachers just had surgery, so she asked if I could ride the bus with the honor band kids to the practice about an hour away...so I did...they practice next Saturday & in 2 weeks they meet again for practice & have their performance along with the County Jr. High Honor Band & County High School Honor Band..I know it will be an amazing night of music because my son was a part of the Jr.High Honor Band 2 years ago...music is such an important part of our kids education!!

The Junior High School where they practiced has the same mascot as our school...the roadrunner...they had this great picture entering their multipurpose room.

Tonight was my church's annual Valentine Banquet.  My husband was out of town :-( so my date for the night was my daughter! :-)

 The banquet is extra special for our family, because my first date with my husband was at the banquet & a year later on the anniversary of our first date Jim proposed to me at the banquet in a skit on the stage...we were called up & handed scripts...mine suddenly ended...& then he proposed!!<3 <3

I must admit I am so in love with Mel Lloyd's creativity & creations!!!  If you look on my side bar you will see the I <3 Clipart Button...that was created by her & I am a part of the Clipart Addicts group...it isn't just her clipart I love...I love her edges {I am using them big time on a project I am working on}, her fonts {I have them all}, & something else you may not be familiar with even if you do know of Graphics From the Pond...Thoughts From the Pond..{found on her Frog Spot Blog}...these are adorable printable signs that Mel has made & she frequently posts them on one of her Facebook pages...you may repost them in social media as long as you provide the link back...I have printed them all out, laminated them, & plan to use them in our workroom {see here} & in my classroom..

I also created several powerpoints...'Fridays'; 'Mondays';'Classroom'; & 'Staff'...the funny thing is although I use powerpoint just about daily...this is the 1st time I have created an actual powerpoint presentation!!  We are having our school staff meeting in my room this week & I plan to have the 'Staff' powerpoint projected for when the teachers come in! :D  THANKS MEL!!! You Rock!!!  I soooo hope I get to meet you this summer!!!!
Our family has had many struggles over the past many years...I have shared some of our challenges HERE...Wednesday I signed papers to short sale our house in town {it had been vacant for a year...could not get it rented}...yesterday it was listed & I got a text later in the day that we have an offer!!!! ...praying it all works out and that the IRS will not tax us on the difference between what is owed & what it sells for...God is ALWAYS good no matter the circumstances we face...although my TpT has not been a source of income yet I am praying that someday it might be...in the mean time I am thankful for every blessing we have!

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