Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Dare to Dream!

If you have ever been to my blog, you probably notice something different with this post...Green...I do have a reason for the change for this post...I am participating in The TpT Seller Challenge & this week's challenge is DARE TO DREAM...here are the directions...
I do have many dreams for TpT...many are tied directly to my Mission Statement, which my last post dealt with...I want to ...develop & maintain meaningful relationships; ...inspire; ...make a positive difference....& I do have dreams of it paying for my font/clipart addictions & for it to pay for going to TpT conferences...these are dreams {& I guess you could say big dreams since I have made under $25 so far}...as well as helping our family out of financially challenging times....BUT...it says DREAM BIG!!!...so I know what is so STRONGLY on my heart...& I know it sounds like a Miss America Pageant answer...but here are some past blog posts to show some of my journey up to this place...THIS is why today's blog post is green...my older posts are in the original red...this is from 2 years ago after the 2nd Teacher Blogger Get Together in Vegas....

Have you ever had a time that you felt God was really trying to tell you something?? Not just subtly, but, Wham!..Are You Listening?...now it wasn't an audible voice, but boy, did it hit me....and believe it or not it was RIGHT IN THE BLOGGER MEET UP!!!!
Let me explain...

Several years ago I began to have a special place in my heart for the needs for orphans throughout the world...this is a portion of our family's Christmas letter that I posted here on my blog December 28, 2011...
 a month earlier I had posted this as part of a 'Thankful Linky' that included 3 blogs you are most thankful for and this was my #2 blog...

then I had a post '11 Positives Added in 11' {11++11} and this was #6...
before this and since then I've had several situations related to orphan care and/or adoption 'fall into my lap'..I even have a board on Pinterest about orphan care but...over the last few months I have been kind of discouraged...feeling no direction in this area...nothing planned for this year's Orphan Sunday {the 1st Sunday in November} at our church...not sure if I should try to get something going.. had doubts this was an area of my life that I could make a difference ...just Monday I was literally thinking that I was just going to let it go...let the embers of this passion just cool off and go out...then I go to:
if you were there you know that there were a TON of raffle prizes I think 99% were DIRECTLY teacher related; TpT certificates (they sponsored the Meet-Up) teacher books, classroom materials, discounts to conferences, etc., but there was one that was different from the rest, Leigh Ann from:
 it was necklace she had donated to help support a teacher at her school who was adopting a girl from China...who's name was called from the raffle bag...yep:
This is a link to their blog about their adoption journey {above}

So...today I pulled out my Show Hope shirt and have been praying since I got the necklace..."I hear you Lord, I WILL NOT let my passion for the orphans burn out...WHAT do you want me to do?"

After last year's conference this was part of a blog post I did regarding Deanna Jump {click here to read the rest of this post}
 Last year I had the privilege of meeting her {Deanna Jump} and this year when I spoke to her I asked if she was familiar with Casting Crown's song Dream for You.  She was, but said she would have to go back & listen to it again to see herself in the song...boy did God have an amazing dream for her!! Consider letting God dream for you as well!!
Here is the video which has been echoing in my head...

So...here is MY BIG DREAM {Praying God is Dreaming for me too!}

I desire to help with Orphan Care both in Guatemala at Village of Hope & in China at Maria's Big House of Hope~& maybe someday to visit & minister in either or both of these places {I have already committed to 5% of all profits to go to Orphan Care}...so there is my BIG DREAM!
May He give you what your heart desires & fulfill your whole purpose.
~Psalm 20:4

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Five for Frunday {More Makeover Madness; End of the Year Gifts; Very Busy Box; Awesome Possum; Leader in Me/7 Habits/Mission Statement}

More Makeover Madness!!  My last post was about the TpT Seller Challenge Week 1~Makeover Madness...I got some great advice from my sister & now I am applying it to all of my products...so here are my latest Makeovers!!

I am trying to have some consistency in my products!  These sets will all be on sale for four days!  Click on each picture above to find it in my store!

 I received a few very nice gifts at the end of the school year...a nice Tommy Hilfiger bag, Starbucks card, & the cutest apple container made from a flower pot!!...it was filled with Lifesavers...the apple mason jar pencil holder was from the same student & was for my birthday in May.

I have shared before about the Amazing Blair Turner...well...I couldn't help myself...I signed up for her Very Busy Boxes for June & July {I missed May...it sold out in a matter of hours!} I think my favorite item in June's box is the paper clip set!!....too cute!
I say "Awesome Possum" a LOT in my room, so I asked the Wonderful Mel of Graphics From the Pond if she would consider adding one to her Scrappy June set....She was a Sweetheart & drew this cute possum...I am glad she chose an Australian possum...when I Googled images of possums some of the American ones were downright SCARY...this freebie is in my store...Please if you download leave feedback an peek at my other items in my store!!! :) Thanks!!!
I have previously shared that our school is becoming a Leader in Me school.  School ended on June 4th & June 9th & 10th we had 2 days of 7 Habits Training...it was wonderful because it was our whole staff, not just the teachers...the upper left picture is all of the goodies that were a part of our training...the bottom left is a table I made for myself with my different roles & goals I have for each of those goals...right now teacher is under blogger & TpTer...during the school year it is above...& Christian, wife, & mother are at the top, so I will do what I can on my blog & in my store without lowering those 3 on my list!...I also wrote up my own personal mission statement about two years ago...our principal guided us through the steps of writing one...I have decided at this point not to modify the one I wrote, but to focus on it more frequently...let it guide me {btw...it all goes through the lens of Colossians 3: 23-24 Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically as something done for the Lord and not for men, knowing that you will receive the reward of an inheritance from the Lord.  You serve the Lord Christ.}...that is why I recently added it to my sidebar.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yes, I am Finally Posting!! Two Linkies~June Currently{yes, I know it is the 17th} &TpT Seller's Challenge Week One

Wow, over a month since I have blogged & now it is a week since school ended...So much has been going on...I guess I will start with June's Currently...
I am glad it is summer and there should be more time to focus on blogging, planning & creating {finishing} things for TpT...I have really been trying to prioritize things & for the last month school {grading/recording, report cards, end of the year stuff...} & family have taken 1st place so now I finally have time to do this :-) ...I have missed blogging & there is a lot that I want to share...for summer lovin' I put several things for family time & I have already started with some of this!
If you have a bowling alley in your community & you have children you may want to check out kidsbowlfree.com ...with this program your kids can bowl 2 games per day EVERY day this summer {that your bowling alley is open} & you can add on adult family members for a very small fee!  We have already gone bowling twice this week!...also if you have a Cinemark theater near you check out their Summer Movie Clubhouse...they have kids movies for just a dollar twice a week throughout the summer!

I began this post DAYS ago...I am really trying to make sure I am putting 'First Things First' {Habit 3} & focus on my family so this post is being finished now...I have joined the TPT Seller's Challenge:

Here is week one of TpT Seller's Challenge:

I have much more I want to share, praying for balancing life & not having my family feel neglected with too much time at the computer!!

  My newly titled "Fact Family Houses" {Was Fabulous Fact Houses} is now on sale; click on the picture above.  I am looking to growth this summer; through this challenge & sharing more with you!

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