Saturday, January 24, 2015

Five for Friday; FANBOYS, Task Card/Mangement, Rock'n the Apple Basket, Lettering Delights, Gypsy

I am so excited about my FANBOYS will be a part of the new product I am working on going over Simple, Compound, & Complex sentences!! {Click on the image to find it as a freebie in my TpT store!}

Here's an organization tip that is helping in my classroom....
This tip has helped when I have wanted multiple sets of something & when I find a "#4" on the floor {sometimes the students don't get them ALL put away :-( when cleaning up} we just put it into the matching colored set!  The Snowman Time! is a part of my friend Kelly's Snow Much Math!  & the Simple, Compound, & Complex Task Cards are from Polka Dots in the Panhandle. Click on the covers to find them in their TpT Shops
    Math Centers and Activities for Third Graders - Snow Much MathSimple, Compound and Complex Sentence Task Cards
Are any of your schools going through PBIS?  {Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports}  It is in our district and each school has signs showing their expectations...l LOVE our signs using Rocky, our mascot, ROCK'N our school!...I love saying to kids, "We ROCK the hallway by walking on the right side" & things like helps that everyone is using the same terms..we had to come up with something for our classroom utilizing what we are doing throughout the the bottom is what I did for my classroom...{Lovin' my Kimberly Geshwein fonts!}

I have shared before how much I love Lettering Delights.  Just thought I would share again!  Every Friday Lettering Delights has a freebie!  This is the freebie for this weekend:

Another thing I like about LD is that you can access what you own {including any freebies you have received} anywhere that you have the internet! LD has fonts:

 And Alphabets:

And the highlighted section to learn what they are if you don't know what they are:
And so many wonderful graphics sets:
And if you have a Silhouette Cameo, they also have Cut Its to use on it!
LD runs lots of great sales where you can by fonts & alphabets for only $1 & they have coupon codes too!  They are constantly coming out with such great new sets!!!  If you are interested in checking them out I would GREATLY appreciate it if you click on my affiliate button on the bottom right!

Our Community College is putting on the play Gypsy...a friend recommended that Sieanna {my 11 year old} audition for the play...we went two nights in a row for auditions...& she will be playing Baby June!!  I am so proud of her!!!  This is a picture of the BRAND NEW Performing Arts Center & this is where she will get to perform!!  If I thought our lives were busy before....well it just got a whole lot busier!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Five for Frunday!?!?!

Yes, this is 2 days late...started feeling icky at school Friday afternoon...sneezing, stuffy nose, sinus pressure, etc...came home & crawled in bed...slept most of yesterday...feeling quite a bit better this morning.

I have stated before how teacher blogs are making the world a better place and I truly believe that.  Teachers have such a heart for others.  I want to share about a fundraiser for a very touching cause...
It is a  $25 donation, and you will receive lots of wonderful clipart.  If you click on the button above it will take you to the blog post about the fund raiser.

I have talked about my sound buttons on the blog before {thank you Kim Sutton for introducing me to these GREAT classroom tools!}, but I decided to let you see & hear what they are all about...

You can check on ebay...that is where I found most of is a one time purchase & can be used as a reward/incentive/motivator over & over & over again in your classroom...the kids LOVE them!!!!!

I am really excited about two products I am working on right now...the first is a way to keep track of the standards, skills, & resources you have and the second is all about simple, compound, & complex sentences & everything that goes with them...hope to finish within the next week or two!!

Please pray for my community.  It has been a VERY rough week for us.  We made the LA News {1 1/2 hours away} twice, and both were really bad news.  We have had 2 separate arrests of school employees...both accused of inappropriate actions with minors...the 1st is a school secretary at our local Christian preschool-8th grade school and the 2nd my daughter's principal at our new 5th-8th grade STEM Academy...there is no 'best case senario'...what ever the truth is it is devastating for numerous individuals. I have had such a heavy heart! Praying for truth & healing.


Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Great Giveaway, Printer Woes, & A GoNoodle Linky!

My friend Kelly from the TpT Conference now has over 1,000 followers at her TpT store!!!!  She is celebrating by having a great big giveaway & there are 26 hours left to enter!  Each month she does a giveaway for her store followers, a $25 TpT gift card & an item from her shop.  This time you can also win 28 more items!  These have been donated by other TpTers including me! 
I am also so excited by the increase in followers to this blog.  I started the new year with 288 followers & I am now up to 313!  Welcome to those who are new to my blog...I hope that you will find something here that is of use to you!!!

If you are reading this you probably also know about one of my favorite bloggers out there...Kristin of A Teeny Tiny Teacher...if you haven't you need to check her blog out...I have had the privilege of meeting her in person several times & she is a sweetheart!! She has sent out a request on her blog for a student of hers from last year.  Jon has an inoperable brain tumor and his 8th birthday is at the end of the month...Kristin is asking for Jon to receive a bunch of birthday cards and she even has the cutest cards you can print out!!!

This picture is from her blog post about Jon's on the picture & it will take you to that can click here to learn more about Jon and the fundraiser Kristin did for Jon's family...make sure you have some tissue with you! I recall she raised around $15,000 for his family...what a blessing!!!....I plan to send Jon a card...but not only that I plan to have all of my students send a card, I plan to put print outs of the cards with envelopes already addressed to Jon in the teacher's lounge & information about this special birthday & I was trying to print out cards to take this morning to my Sunday school class so they could send some as well.....BUT......:-(......that leads to my next topic....
I blogged recently about my classroom printer dying & now neither printer in our school computer is top it all off I spent much of yesterday & today fighting with my printer at home...I was able to print out a few cards for Jon, but then the in cartridge carrier got it unstuck...then it would only print a small portion of each document I was trying to print out...then..the lights just kept flashing at me....:-(....I tried everything they suggested on HP's luck...did some research on printers and bought one online from Walmart & I am waiting for the text message letting me know that I can pick it up!...with this printer I can try HP's Instant Ink pay a monthly fee & get so many copies per month & your copies can roll over...the printer lets HP know when you need a new cartridge & they mail it to you!!!  I am going to try it...I will let you know what I think about it soon...have any of you tried this program?  I would love your feedback!!!

I am linking up with Elizabeth from Kickin it in Kindergarten for a GoNoodle Sanity Savers Linky {her button will take you to the post for the Linky}

I love all of the Koo Koo Kanga Roo Brain Breaks, but I think 'No Crust' is my favorite...I think it was the first one that I tried! Happy Place is only an hour from where I live, but in many ways is a world away...I live in the desert & I enjoy the beautiful sunrises & sunsets, although I miss the color green & seeing lots of trees...Big Bear is a resort type community in the mountains & a favorite day trip for our family...I am addicted to Clipart/Graphics & Fonts...I LOVE Lettering Delights & spend too much on all of these visual goodies!...most of us are in teaching because we love kids & want to have a positive impact on their lives so whatever we face we need to just Keep Calm & Love Those Kids!!!

Yeah!! My new printer seems to be working great!!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

January Currently

It is January 1st...and yet I am # 224!!!!  Yes, her Currently is super~duper popular!!!

Listening~I let my daughter choose a movie...Beauty & the Beast it is!1...I am going to go over & watch with her & finish this when the movie is over! :D

Loving~I had decided that my 'One Small Word' for 2015 would be SEEK.  This morning Shannon from Technology Rocks. Seriously. & Sweet Blessings shared a printable she made for her word along with a verse to go with it.  She offered to make them for friends on Facebook....well, I set off to read several different verses with seek & decided upon Psalm is the printable she made for me!!!  {Feeling VERY blessed!}

Thinking~so nice to have a new year...a new start...a new beginning...seems like at a beginning ANYTHING is possible!

Wanting~Okay, I have enjoyed time with family & some down time at home...just thinking Monday is going to come too quickly!

Needing~A year ago I completely gave up on getting out a Christmas letter & just decided to do a New Year's isn't finished :(  need to get it out tomorrow or Saturday!

Yes~I was so blessed to go to the 1st TpT Conference & I plan to go back this year!

Maybe~I would love to go on a mission is beyond a challenge in my life, but if God wants me to go, I know He will provide!

I Wish~ my TpT would take off...I know I still have a LOT of work to do, but I want to see things move forward!

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