Saturday, November 22, 2014

Five for Fraturday...A WHOLE WEEK OFF!!

I woke up to 2 awesome emails this morning!! :-D  I am sooo doing the happy dance!!!!

 I had to share these pictures of our two adorable dogs Snickerdoodle & Sparky!  They have given us a lot to smile about!
I have been reading Mark Hall's {lead singer of Casting Crowns} Thrive.  It is an amazing book and album.  This week I came across a line that really caused me to stop and ponder.  I am going through verses involving thanks this month {see here } but Mark Hall really made me think about what thanksgiving means.  He explains what abound means and 'it carries the connotation of action' {the root system is us being rooted in God's Word}  If anyone would like this as a printable poster, please leave a comment & I will figure out how to do the dropbox link here.

Ahhhh...the thought of sleeping in this week!!! DEEP sigh....ahhhhhhhh! {1st time our district has had the WHOLE Thanksgiving week off!}

I have been adding lots of Alphabet Poster Sets into my store.  I am trying to have both Cursive & Manuscript for all designs.  I know this may not interest anyone right now, but maybe you'll Pinterest it and think about it for next fall!

I will post more pictures of my Alphabet Sets in my next post.

Have a blessed day!

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  1. Hi Nancy! Congrats on your first sales! I've yet to charge anything for my TPT items - it must be so exciting to sell something! Happy Thanksgiving!


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