Wednesday, December 9, 2015

#BeTheSeason; The Golden Phrase; Proud Mom~My {3} Wows! on Wednesday!

 I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving!  I guess my first Wow! should be that Wow, I missed two Wednesdays in a row!  I am back.  

My first real Wow! is the #BeTheSeason Hashtag that TpT put out there & my take on it...I thought about it a lot and I was thinking about all of the sights & sounds of the season & how children see it all, so I felt Be in Awe expressed all of that best; my second one is Be aware of those around you who are struggling, grieving, or aching at this time of year, whether they are battling with health issues, financial issues, or the loss of a loved one or loved ones in the last year or two, this time can be a really difficult time so be aware, be sensitive,& reach out! third is straight forward...Love, we celebrate the greatest gift of love, the coming of Christ to earth, so we have the opportunity to show love, to BE love to the world around us...#BeTheSeason!
This is my 28th year teaching 3rd grade, and I wish I had started saying this YEARS ago for many reasons that I share after you read this phrase...I say this multiple times a day {really!} students frequently finish it for me! 

.First, it keeps me constantly reminded of why I am doing what I am doing... second, it is pretty difficult for a child {or parent} to get upset with you...
'You're picking on me'{my child}, I am saying what I am saying {about focusing or distracting, or being off task} BECAUSE you matter & so does your education...third, I hope and pray it gets ingrained into my students' heads...that when they are 12, 15, 18, 25, & will echo in the back of their heads & it will encourage them! 
I am so very proud of my kids...both of them have solos in our youth choir Christmas program...part of this Wow! is~Wow! they didn't get that musical talent from their mom!  I wish I could sing like they can!

I am off to bed, hope to be back next Wednesday!

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