Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Diorama's, an 'Apple Basket' Day, & Dad's 81st

On the 29th, (yes, as usual, I am waaaay behind) my kids and I met up with my parents in Oak Glen, CA, to celebrate my dad's 81st birthday.

 I think Dad looks pretty great for 81!  And that lovely couple there, my parents, will celebrate their 53 year of marriage next week!!  We had a great day and the kids and I picked all these berries!!
  Oak Glen is known for its apples...what a perfect place for 'The Apple Basket Teacher' to visit right?!?

These are a few of my 'Apple Basket' finds for my classroom! :)  I also bought a cute handmade necklace that I've managed to misplace in the last week! :(  

If you live in Southern California and have never been to Oak Glen, I highly recommend it, especially right now as it is 'apple season'!!  It is just above Redlands.

Last month my students did dioramas for their book reports.  I wanted to share these with all of you:

By the way, have any of you fellow bloggers had challenges with 'Blogger'?  On my home desk top Chrome won't let me sign into my blog, and Explorer won't upload my pictures in to the blog  :-(...I had to post this on my school laptop...wondering if it was just me or if anyone knew how to solve these problems.  I hope to post again within the week....we will see!

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