Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oops!  I had finally finished my quotes from The Book Whisperer & had placed them for sale on Teacher's Notebook.  I was just contacted by the publisher of Donalyn's book.  I need to get permission.  If I am not allowed to sell them but am allowed to give them away for free I will do so, but for now they will be removed.  I don't want to be doing something wrong!  Thanks for understanding.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Mother-in-Law with Jesus Now

Yesterday afternoon my mother-in-law passed away.  God is good and merciful.  Her 3 children, Hope, Tony, & my husband Jim, and I were planning to meet yesterday afternoon at 4 to talk with the doctor, case worker, & social worker.  There were tough decisions that were going to have to be made.  Patty had pretty much stopped eating so would a feeding tube be put in, would we move her to a convalescent facility, try to get a full time care taker at her home, would she ever recover and be herself again?  We were just not sure what would happen next, my husband had prayed that he would not have to make any tough decision.  Right before 2 her heart slowed down and then stopped at 2.  She is home with Jesus, her parents, and her husband.

The last six month have been a challenge, but a privilege too.  Patty had been a teacher and then a principal.  I met her before I met my husband; we were both a part of Delta Kappa Gamma an International Society of Women Educators.  As I spent lot of time with her these past several months at the different hospitals and rehab, I had the chance to see a playful, bantering side of her I hadn't seen that much before.  She was constantly joking around with all of the doctors & staff.

She will be missed and I appreciate any and all prayers for my family as we head down this road.
Patricia Ann Wilson
September 1, 1930-January 12, 2012
Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Sister, Friend, Educator, Principal

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

11++ in 11 (11 Positives Added in 11) A Very Late Linky!

(Okay, I know probably most of you whip out your posts in 5 minutes or less, but I started this post 2 WEEKS AGO and I have reformatted it about 12 gazillion 5 times! (the centering and spacing kept getting WEIRD!) I am determined that TODAY, January 11, 2012 I WILL hit the 'Publish Post' button!!!  My life has been challenging with my mother-in-law in the hospital those 2 weeks & much of it in ICU. {she started in the town where I teach...20 miles from home, & then was moved to another...30 miles from town...which makes it about 50 miles from home!}  That & getting back to school...someday I will be organized, someday I will be organized, someday I WILL be organized ! {Clicking heels!}  
I know this is REALLY late to do as a linky, but it is the 11th so maybe that will help!  I did want to share these positives (I really need to keep focusing on the positives right now) & I'd really love to hear about the 'POSITIVES ADDED' in your lives too!! {maybe they'll be on my 12 ++ in 12 list! :)}

Hello Bloggy Friends!  I had to tease Kristin & Hadar because I had been planning for days to start a linky party called '11 in 11' and they beat me to it!!  I can't wait to get a chance to do a post to link up with them, but my idea was a bit different.  I had so many new things that have impacted my life & teaching that I wanted to list 11 positives that were added in 2011 and share them with you.  If you link up you could list a person, a book, a blog, a strategy, a concept, an idea, a cause, a phrase or quote, or ???? but whatever it is it should have made a difference in you.  I hope you will join me & link up!  Here's my 11 + + in 11:

Teacher Blogs-- I really don't know which blog I discovered first or when it was exactly.  I had been getting lots of ideas from and a teacher blog may have been listed there.  I think I just started with one and kept clicking on the sidebars of each blog I discovered.  It was like going on a treasure hunt, each blog leading to more amazing blogs.  The teacher blogs I have found have transformed my teaching!  I can't keep up with all of the wonderful posts, but Google Reader sure helps me try!
Creating This Blog--Although I have tons of ideas for posts that I never seem to get published, this blog has been a great opportunity to create & share!  I love having it and just wish I could keep up with it better!
Teaching Blog Addict--I had responded by email to Tamara's post of 'Help! I Think I'm Blog-a-holic!' on her blog Teaching with TLC at the beginning of April because I fit EVERY one of the symptoms of being a blog-a-holic!  A few days later she began TBA and a bit after that I was blessed to be asked to be a part of Teaching Blog Addict!  It is AMAZING and if you have never checked it out, you are missing out BIG TIME!

 Sqworl--I love Sqworl!! As I began following more & more bloggers I knew my sidebar would go on FOREVER if I didn't do something different, so I created a Sqworl folder for each grade level or category.  I apologize that I haven't updated them in MONTHS, it is on my mile long 'To Do' list!  I am now using Sqworl on my classroom blog.  I use it in the sidebar and I can put in sites that I want to have my students go to in the computer lab or at home. I can group various sites and change what's there as I choose to (or can get around to!)

Pinterest-- I have a feeling this is an added positive for a lot of you! I know so much has been said about it I don't think I've got anything more to add, but here's the link to my boards.
Orphan CareI This is one that I have posted about  several times this year, HERE & HERE but I had to mention it here as one of the positives that have been added to my life this year.  I feel so blessed to have the family that I do and my heart has become extra softened &  tender for those who don't, yet.  My prayer is that all those in need will meet up with their forever families in the near future & to pray for those who work with them.

 Donor's Choose--I am so very grateful for the iPod my class received through DC!!!  I've got to get my thank you packet done & sent soon!!!  Thanks to all who chose to donate to my project!

The Book Whisperer--I read The Book Whisperer this summer and it has changed my teaching this year!  I was so inspired that I kept underlining and writing out quotes from the book.  This is now my first Teacher's Notebook item and it is only $1. It is 25 quotes from her book and I'm giving my favorite quote from the book to you here for free. (Here's a picture of it!) 

Here's info for my new TN shop: was just editing this post and all of my info for # 9 just disappeared! :( Let's just say I've learned more about my family history & I'm glad I joined!

The End of the Molasses Classes--I am still reading this book, but I have already shared many stories with my class & I am challenging them to do their best.  I am learning so much from Ron!
Couponing  I was inspired after seeing so many posts by Fern Smith about her shopping trips and what she was spending and then a friend shared with me about the Crazy Coupon Lady.  Well, let's just say I now have another thing in my life that is keeping me very busy, but I am excited that I can donate items to those in need without spending very much money.

There it is my 11 POSITIVES ADDED in 11 (11 ++ in 11)  {I'm not sure how I managed to leave off Vistaprint!!}  I wrote the green at the top before school & now it is 11:35 PM so I'm going to hit that "Publish Post" button just as soon as I get the Linky Party thing on here!!

{Ahhhhh! I did some editing of this post & my linky info 'poof' disappeared!!! I'll see if I can get it back up & still get to school on time!} {Phew! Looks like I got it back! :)}

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