Saturday, June 22, 2013

5 for Friday on Saturday!

My 5 for Friday...on Saturday!

Yesterday we went to a resort presentation up in the mountains.  It was in an area my husband & I had never been so we were curious about the area.  It was less than an hour & 1/2 away from home.  We did not buy into the resort but they paid us $75 for listening to the presentation! So... we decided to treat ourselves to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory! YUM!!!

Jim ordered the Mexican style lettuce wraps...
I had the Asian style lettuce wraps...they were WONDERFUL!!! :-)

Sieanna chose the was a big dish for a kid's helped her with it ;-) ...what moms do to help their kids out! ;-)

Dessert...strawberries & cream (whipped) for Sieanna & Mango Key Lime Cheesecake for can see we dove right in and when we were almost done I remembered I wanted to a take a picture...YUMMY!!!!  We had such a blessed day wandering around the outdoor mall (Victoria Gardens for you So. Cal. ladies)

I love Lettering Delights and used there Love Rocks set to make her invitations. We kept things simple with pizza, chips, water bottles and koolaid/crystal light type powder packs & then cupcakes!

 These were their little goodie bags.

 We got just about everything from the 99Cent Only & Dollar Tree Stores...hula hoops, frisbees & other toys to play with.
 Sieanna was not the only one to enjoy the time with friends...her friends' moms (& one grandma) are some of my best friends!! It was fun for us to talk shop..3 teachers & a mommy helper...and talk life!!
Amanda (her daughter is one of Sieanna's best friends...I had her son in my class a few years ago & will have her younger daughter in my room this coming year)
Me (glad it is not a in need of my hair appointment Tuesday!!!)
Joan (her grandson has been friends with Sieanna since preschool & I've taught 3rd grade with Joan 24 years!! She has become one of my most treasured friends!!)
Marylee (her daughter is my daughter's best, best bud!!...they've been friends their whole life...she can be seen showing various claps & cheers on my blog HERE with Sieanna and another friend who couldn't make it to the party...Marylee is an AMAZING kindergarten teacher...she has taught all 3 of my kids!)
Melissa (my dear friend from church who transferred to our school about 5 or 6 years ago...she is an amazing 1st grade teacher who has some great ideas that I hope I get to share here in the near future!...Sieanna has know her son all her life as well!)

 Okay....I said we stopped at Dollar Tree for stuff for Sieanna's B'day party...well...they had these amazing containers back in stock...I grabbed the whole box!!!  

I've had 10 frame cards in ziplocs (basically unused for the last few years mainly because of messed up sets)...well...this is what I've spent the last few days doing...

I've got a container for the 0's, 1's, 2's, etc...we'll see how this works out next year...having the kids grab 4 of each when we play a a math activity!

I kept seeing this really cute Bloglovin button on others' blogs & finally tracked down the source. Melissa said I was welcome to use it.  She has instructions for setting up Bloglovin & instructions to change the standard Bloglovin button into this one!  Click HERE for her post.
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 Update on listed goals...

 Posting more~~well I will hit the 'publish' button today...yes a day late for 5 for Friday, but 3 post this week I feel pretty good about this goal!

Wii Dance~~2 today, none yesterday...need to keep working on this one!!

Google Reader Stars~~busy, busy, busy with this one!!! I am trying to check on Google Reader every hour or so to keep the number of unread at 0...I have added a LOT more pins onto my Pinterest boards...July 1st is going to happen TOOOOOO soon!!!

Blog Button Updates~~I started at the bottom of the first column and I've made it up through the first 25 buttons!

Swagbucks~~I'm averaging 13 a day...not too bad!

Another Goal...

 I want to read the following books this summer...

More soon...Thanks for stopping by!!!!

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