Thursday, June 20, 2013

More Goals & My Teacher Always Says Linky

For this post 2  more Summer Goals~~

If you scroll to the bottom of my blog you will find I have a ton of Blog Buttons.  Most of these I put on here two years ago.  Many bloggers have changed their button or even changed their blog name.  I will be clicking on each to see that the link is still valid & updating buttons as I find them.  If I don't have yours here please leave a message & I'd love to add it! 

 I LOVE Swagbucks! It is a site I go to DAILY so I can earn points which I then cash in for Amazon cards! 450 points equals a $5 Amazon card!  It is really easy to earn at least 10 a day, I may increase my goal to 20.  You can watch videos ranging from movie trailers, to tech news, to entertainment news, to food videos.  I think it is 2 or 3 swagbucks for every ten watched.  I multitask, so it is not a big deal.  Everyday I also do the daily poll~1 swagbuck & NOSO (offers that you just click the 'skip' or 'see next offer' button and at the end) ~2.  I also never type a url into my address bar; I use their search button and sometimes earn 5-15 swagbucks at a time.  Sometimes you don't get any.  

My Goal is to earn enough Amazon cards to pay for most of our Christmas gifts this year!
If you click on my link we both get swagbucks! :)

Now a great linky!  

After 25 years there are oh..a few...(here are 15!) things I say REPEATEDLY!! You will see the influence  various trainings and programs have had on me!

 Thank you Horton!  I usually challenge the kids to find the source of this quote! (Don't you just love it when kids ask you again about what they can or can't do!)
  I used to use the words 'Are Important' until I found this great printable from one of my all time FAVORITE Bloggers Shannon at Technology Rocks Seriously & Sweet Blessings.

 If you click on the image it will take you to her 'school  signs' page where you can download it.  This is framed in my classroom.

 If they are disturbing others this is inserted into the saying!
 I must admit that this one...Squirrel! said about the most in my room!!  Which reminds me I HAD to pin this one on my boards!!

  This comes from Kim Sutton, Elementary Math Guru. She is by far my favorite presenter!!  I have heard her many times and use many of her materials in my classroom.  What this quote is talking about is the fact that in reading we have issues like though, rough, thought, where the rules are not consistent.  In math when you have a rule or property it will ALWAYS hold true.  Spelling and pronunciations have variations, but ANYTHING times 0 equals 0!
 This one my personal children have probably heard the most!
 I must credit my sister-in-law for this one!  I just like it!
 This come from Whole Brain Teaching.  You say it when you've made a mistake...yes..I do make mistakes.  I have Fibro & sometimes my word get tangled up!! If you are familiar with Whole Brain Teaching you know that Mirrors or Mirrors' Repeat doesn't always go the way it should...Oh & the kids repeat 'It's Cool' back.
 Nothing like kids saying, 'It's HARD!'
 They need to hear that they ARE learners, and so am I.  We also talk about what learners look like, so when I say this many of them will suddenly sit up straight.
 Enough said!
  Our students hear this from our other teachers too!  The kids always chime in with me!
 Yep...we do Bucket Filling!
 This is from Whole Brain Teaching...they repeat the rule which is 'MAKE SMART CHOICES!!!'
This comes from Love & Logic!  They hear it a lot!

Boy, does it feel good to be back!!! :-)
Now off to get ready for 

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I can't believe my darling girl is double digits today!!
After her dance recital! :-)


  1. Nancy, thank you so much for joining me. You have a great repertoire of mantras. After 25 years of teaching, I'm not surprised. I used "Bummer" from Love and Logic too. Great stuff! Happy birthday to your sweet girl!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Horton is a fine elephant. I have quoted him in my classroom too. After 25 years I have not figured out why if I say no to the first 3 children who ask me something, the fourth child thinks I will say yes to him/her! Oh well, that's where Horton comes in.

    rubberboots and elf shoes

    1. Yes, yes, yes! or in the last month of school the kids ask you 'Can I practice my flashcards now?' during silent reading that you've had the same routine for all year...really do we do that? Now? What do we do at this time?

      I look forward to checking out your blog, the title is new to me! :) Thanks for stopping by!!


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