Friday, June 14, 2013

Five for Friday!

Thanks to Doodle Bugs Teaching this is getting me back to blogging!!! :)

I created that little 'poster' up above to express how my life frequently feels!  School ended last Friday & I'm STILL not checked out from school.  I've had tons of blog posts floating through my head and haven't managed to get any out.  I can't seem to catch up on laundry, kitchen, Bible study, Google Reader (I'm still in denial that it will be gone July 1!!!!), emails, etc, etc, etc.!!!

My daughter's Dance Recital is tonight and tomorrow night.  She had her dress rehearsal on Wednesday.  She has 3 dances; jazz/hip hop~~'Good Time', tap~~'Independence Day', & ballet~~'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (Jackson 5)'
The theme is Through the Year.  I'm sure I'll be posting videos soon!  SOOOO proud of her!

Without getting too deep in the background, my husband had back surgery the day after Thanksgiving in 08.  We were blessed with it going well and him resuming his normal life. He was a general contractor, because of the economy and lack of jobs he got a job at Ft. Irwin.  He is in target operations and rides in a Hummer through the desert daily.  Well, a week ago his back started bothering him, and on Sunday it was so bad he couldn't move.  He didn't have work again until yesterday and seemed to be doing much better.  When he was at work he picked up his gear & backpack and the back went into spasms.  He ended up at the emergency room.  I had been working in my room & ended up joining him there.  He got a shot for pain & a shot that was a muscle relaxer.  He goes to his doctor Monday.  Praying for either quick recovery or accurate diagnosis of what is going on with his back!!!

I can't believe my son just finished Jr. High! I am so proud of him as he was one of 36 (out of about 320) with a 4.0!!'s something from my class!! I got this project years ago from I was very proud of the students who did do the project!

Although Grandpa helped this student went above and beyond with her report!

 Well, off to the many things calling my name, including finishing my classroom!! (hopefully a post about that later)

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