Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hi My Name is Nancy and I'm a Vistaprint-a-holic!

It's true, I just can't stop ordering from Vistaprint!  I know that I've had several other posts about Vistaprint including THIS linky party.  I'll end up linking this post to the linky party since I have so many new things I've ordered!  Our school is the Montara Roadrunners, so when Vistaprint had a sale on their Polo shirts & free shipping I uploaded a roadrunner bought two shirts and got everything I could free!
Then I asked at school if anyone wanted me to order one for them too.  Several did so each order of $40 (2 shirts) I got free shipping so, I've received a lot of GREAT stuff!!
I've fallen in love with the car magnets!!  I love their size and that I can use them on the white board, but move them out of the way if I need the board space.  They also work on my classroom door and on the side of my 'file box' desk.  Here are my new ones: 
I got this from The Teacher Wife

 I got this song from Fern Smith's Classroom
This is for our classroom door, I got the idea from another teacher.

 I use Whole Brain Teaching in my room and this is for my 'Mighty Oh Yeahs' and 'Mighty Groans'  It works great with the dry erase markers and I can easily move it as needed.
 I uploaded this image and cut the sign in half when the magnet arrived.  It heads up my Must Do/May Do lists.
I have this with my weekly restroom sign out sheet attached to my 'file box' desk.  Right now they bring the sign out to me and tell me the time and I write it down.  Later I will have them write the time down.  The policy in my room is that they may use the restroom no more than once a day, no more than twice a week, or I need to contact their parents and have them move their clip down each time they use it over the allowed amount.  (they know there are exceptions for medical situations)  This way I have a record of restroom use that I can show the parents.
 This is a window cling and I'm getting them one at a time with the orders.  I got them so that they go on the inside of the window.  I look forward to giving these out to my 'Student of the Month' each month.
Right now I'm loving the labels.  I'm using these for MY books.  I love using literature in teaching any skill I can find good literature for.  These are the labels I have ordered so far.  Maybe later I'll do a post of the books I have in each of these categories.
 I still have several other labels I want to make.
  I ordered this for our school; it arrived at the district warehouse the day of Back to School Night!  Just in time.
  I order this for all of our Book Fairs at school.
 I trimmed this down and it's in my classroom library.
Cindy at Mrs. Gilchrist's Class created this great resource as 4 separate pages.  I condensed down the three and put them on the back of the brochure.  She said that I could share about it here.  These are in my Roadrunner Notebooks
The business cards and flyers are both for Mastery Club.  It's an idea I found on and are in my Roadrunner Notebooks.
Business cards that are another tool to use in creating a room full of bucket fillers!
A key chain to add to my stuff for 'sale' at the end of the year.

I found the idea for this cap somewhere in cyberspace, if it was from you, let me know & I'll give you credit!
This is a magnet.  I plan to give these to the parents at Parent/Teacher Conferences.  (for their fridges!)

 These notecards will be saved for next year since I already missed a few birthdays.  I'll have the whole class sign them.
 This is for our librarian!

 I modified the 'I Pick' to fit the 'Apple Basket' I didn't notice the read lines from Word until they came in :(

Well maybe something here inspired you!  All of you bloggers inspire me so very much!!!


  1. I'm a VistaPrint-a-holic too! Isn't it GREAT?!? I have awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award. Drop by when you get a chance and pick it up.

    Have a Happy Week!

  2. I am a new teacher blogger and this is my first visit to your site. I love it! I love how it offers so much inspiration! If you have a moment to visit my new blog and make a suggestion or two, I would be so grateful!
    - Lisa


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