Friday, May 13, 2011

Roadrunner Notebooks

I have been a big fan of for several years now.  I had seen many teacher post about their FROG, STAR, MOOSE, or other notebooks.  These notebooks varied in their purpose and contents.  Some teachers used them for home school connections and others use them for classroom work.  I decided since our mascot is the Roadrunner,(I live in the High Desert of Southern California) we would have Roadrunner Notebooks.  We brainstormed what Roadrunner would stand for.  I posted my title page as a Google Doc.

In case Google Docs isn't showing right now for you, Roadrunner stands for R.eally O.utstanding A.cademically D.etermined R.oadrunners U.sing N.otebooks N.ow as an E.xcellent R.esource.  My notebooks are a resources for the classroom.  There are resources that I have collected from posts made from and many other sites.  I will only post ones that have been created by me.  I will give credit whenever I have a resource that is listed on the sheet.  I have been adding to the notebooks over the past few years and I have laminated most sheets for durability.  I just reorganized them.  This is the set up:
   Title Page, '10 Ways To Be a Good Student,' Rights 
       & Responsibilities'
   First Divider--Genres
      'Genres at a Glance'
      11 pages that explain & give examples of the
         different genres
   Second Divider--Good Readers
       Three pages of Comprehension Skills with
           pictures to match the skills. These come from
           the Santa-Maria Bonita School District (GREAT
      Comprehension Strategies page (Strategies
           Unlimited, Inc.)
       Four 'Reading is Thinking' pages that include
            making connections (followed by a Using
            Connections page from,
            Making Predictions, Asking Questions, &
   Third Divider--Grammar
       Four sheets on Commas (also from Santa Maria
            Bonita SMB)
       A sheet on Subjects & Predicates (SMB)
       Sheet of 4 Types of Sentences (
       Kinds of Sentences
       Declarative (SMB)
       Exclamatory (SMB)
       Imperative (SMB)
       Interrogative (SMB)
   Fourth Divider--Mastery Club/Top 10
       Mastery Club Challenge (Heather Renz
       Top 10 (the students find top ten of something
            like fruit, then alphabetize, use adjectives to
            describe each, etc.
   Fifth Divider--Parts of Speech
        Adjectives, has a list of about 80+ adjectives
        Adjective Song lyric (by Ron Brown Intelli-
               tunes..see my 1st post)
        Helping Verbs (SMB)
        The Irregular Verb be (SMB)
        Prepositions, has a definition and list of about 50
   Sixth Divider--Reading Response
        Reading Response Starters (sorry because I
             scanned it you have to click on the link to see
        Reading Response Sheets, the students fill them
            out for their silent reading time, approximately
            3 times a week.  They only have to use 1
            starter each day.
   Seventh Divider--Resources
        Four sheets on Author's Purpose
        Homophones, list of approximately 100 sets
        How Do You Feel Today? sheet of 70 different
            faces with the emotion printed below the face
        Onomatopoeia Words, list of approximately 100
        US States & Their Abbreviations
   Eighth Divider--Spelling
        Some Spelling Mnemonics
        Money Words

          Phone Number

                        Both of the above are used periodically for
                spelling practice.
   Ninth Divider--Vocabulary
       My New Word sheets, a word web I got at an ELL
           training, they do one each week for one of the
           words from our LA series
       Word Frame sheets, another way for them to
           show one of our weekly vocabulary words
       Two sets of Mini Thesauruses
   Tenth Divider--Math
       Measurement Abbreviations (
       Math Strategies
       Problem Solving Strategies (
       Fractions, Decimals, Percents, & Money
       8 Workmats from Math Series (HM) they use dry
           erase markers on them
I know I will continue to add to the notebooks for my students.  There are so many amazing resources out there and I want my students to learn how to use many different kinds of resources. I hope this is beneficial to you in some way. Thanks!
(Oh yes and whoooo hoooo for Blogger being back up!!)


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I am creating Literacy Binders next year for my students and currently have a Donor's Choose project that will hopefully be funded to help with this! I've been trying to think of all the items I plan to put in it.

    Go Fourth! With Owens

  2. I love this! How have I never come across your great blog! Thanks for commenting on mine! I cannot wait to read the rest of your posts! (I like to use exclamation marks apparently.)

    Third Grade Experience


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