Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Teachers Pay Teachers Sale Extended Through Today, May 4th

I'm glad that the sale was extended so that I could share about it with others!  Teachers Pay Teachers is a site where teachers can sell things that they have made powerpoints, units, worksheets, learning games, posters etc.  They had a 20% off sale yesterday, but had so much traffic they extended the sale.  In addition, many of the individual sellers had their stuff on sale anywhere from 10-20%.  I took advantage of the sale and bought several powerpoints from Teachers Unleashed (I had one of theirs that they posted for free, it is REALLY good!), and I also purchased items from Lesson Plan SOS, Brainy Bugs, Fern Smith, Amanda Nickerson--One Extra Degree, Babbling Abby--The Inspired Apple, and at least one more but I can't find the name!  Click on the button below for 'Teachng Blog Addict' (even if you just see a little red x) and scroll down to the Entry 'Teachers Pay Teachers Appreciation Sale & Add Your Link" for a list of teachers who had, and probably do have their stuff on sale. Happy shopping!!

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