Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Summer To Do List!

1. Have & Recover from Surgery
    I'm having a hysterectomy (just uterus) a week after school gets out.  I'm hoping that my recovery time will allow me to accomplish some of the things on that list.
2.  Work on Language Arts Series
     This last year our district adopted Excursions, which is Storytown everywhere else in the country.  So there's a bunch I want to do with it.  We are a PI District (Program Improvement) so VERY little freedom with the curriculum.  We must use our adopted materials, so no Daily 5 or CAFE for me.
      a. Label all 6 manuals the same with post-it tabs (red for 'Week at a Glance',  blue for 'Suggested Lesson Planner', etc.)
      b.  Get a index card file box together with all Lessons (weeks) and the skill taught/reviewed in each, and a section for materials with those skills; Powerpoints, I Have..., Task Cards, Pocket/Envelope Activities, Word Sorts, Power Pix (from Whole Brain Teaching) that teach individual standards.
      c.  Get all weekly objectives typed out so I can print and post them.
      d.  Get table complete of what I have in my laptop for each lesson; vocabulary, spelling tic tac toe, trifolds, vocabulary crosswords, daily powerpoints, vocabulary powerpoints.
      e.  Download the missing items for each week
3. Read The Book Whisperer.  Amazon says it's on its way!
4. Read Karen Kingsbury's Take One series & Unlocked
5.  Work on my teacher blog
6.  Redo my classroom blog
7.  Begin with TpT
8.  This should be #1--oops--Spend time with my wonderful kids and time in prayer and God's Word!
Addition #1 (there may be more as I think things through!)
9.  Go through all of my 'starred' items in Google Reader...yep there's over 100!  Read them carefully, print the resources they provide, check out the websites they recommend etc.
10.  Print out all of my weekly reading logs for the year and daily behavior sheets.  I use a clip chart & I have 1/2 sheet that they color in the apple the color they ended on.  The sheets are dated so they don't get confused.
Glad to be linkin' up with others!  Thanks Littlest Learners!  If you'd like to join here's the link:


  1. I just started The Book Whisperer yesterday at the beach and so far it is great!!!

    Magnificent Multiagers!

  2. Nancy, I had a complete hysterectomy seven weeks ago and returned to school today (Yeah!!!) Advice: Listen to your doctor, get plenty of rest the first two weeks and allow others to take care of you. I will add you to our prayer list.
    Also, let me know how you like the Karen Kingsbury series. I love her books.
    If you have never read Terri Blackstock and Beverly LaHaye they are awesome. I absolutely love their Seasons Series they coauthored.

  3. Thank you for your prayer Gwendolyn! I have read about 20 Karen Kingsbury books this past year, I love them! I'll look into the authors you recommend. Thanks, Nancy


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