Tuesday, May 3, 2011

More Vistaprints! This is it for a while!

Vistaprint order #3
Small Banner for our School FREE

10 sheets Letterhead FREE
100 Postcards for I Have..Who Has.. Game FREE
Self-inking Stamp FREE

25 More Small Magnets FREE

10 Large Magnets FREE

Car Door Magnet for Birthdays FREE

Oversized postcards for Book Recommendations 50 FREE
Pen for Daughter's Teacher FREE

Sticky Notes FREE
10 Note Cards for my Daughter FREE (I couldn't resist the ballet slippers!)
T-shirt for my Daughter (she said she wanted one my mine!) FREE
250 More Business Cards! FREE

100 Postcards FREE

10 Large Magnets for Posting Recess Times etc. $4.99 for Image Upload

50 Rack Card Office Passes
Shipping and tax total under $25!
No More for Now!!!


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