Monday, May 9, 2011

Teacher Freebie From Me! Fluency Focus: 6 Mini Posters That Fit with Excursions/Storytown

This evening I was finally able to load my PDFs as  Google Docs!  Our district adopted Excursions, which to the rest of the country is Storytown.  We have Language Arts Focus Walls up in all of our rooms.  Although I was able to find resources for most of the items needed for the Focus Wall online, I didn't find anything for the weekly Fluency Focus.  The six areas that are focused in on are; Rate, Accuracy, Phrasing, Expression, Intonation, and Pace.  I created the approximately 4" x 11" posters for my Focus Wall.  I hope you can use them in some way whether you use Excursions/ Storytown or not!  (Please let me know if you do!)

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