Thursday, October 8, 2015

#onenewthing GAFE {Google Apps For Education} My Library

I am responding to EdTechTeam's call for #onenewthing entries.  Last spring I attended Google Summit Conference in Palm Springs; Desert Summit.  I learned quite a lot, and I am super excited about attending another Google Summit next month in Temecula.  This time I will have some very direct questions so that I can further my learning & understanding. 

I have a VERY large classroom library and last year changed it all around to make it much easier for my students to find books in their AR {Accelerated Reader} levels.  I was able to label and organize my books, but I wanted to be able to see who was borrowing which books.  I have tried many methods through the years, but this time I wanted to go digital.

On my classroom blog~ The Apple Basket I provided a link for my students to go to a Google Site I created for my library.  This is the picture they click on:

This is what that Google Site looks like:

The clickable links go to: a Google Sheet with all of my books in alphabetical order by title, a Google Sheet with all of my books in alphabetical order by author, & to Google Forms for each level; one Form for checking the book out & one for checking it back in.

I generated the two Google Sheets by creating this Google Form:

The top is what the Google Forms for the check out & check in look like~The bottom is what my data looks like:

The titles are chosen from a drop list:

I am still working out the kinks such as getting all of the levels linked to the site & trying to figure out how I can share what I did with other teachers so that if they would like to do this for their classroom libraries, they won't have to start from scratch.

I have spent many hours getting this set up, but I feel it has been worth the time invested.  I have over 900 books entered & I just received a large book order I made using my bonus points, so it will be increasing by AT LEAST 20-25 more books in the next week! I can now quickly find any book I am looking for and have a complete history of how my students are utilizing my classroom library.

I would love to hear your feedback!
The Apple Basket Teacher

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