Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Wows! On Wednesday~$370 Classroom Goodies for $25! & 2 More Wows!

It has been waaaaaay too long since I have blogged! I decided to share 3 'Wows!' & figured I will make it a linky in future, a bit of a mid~week energy boost...I am trying to keep focusing on the positives & here are 3 of my 'Wow's'~

I have been around the internet connecting with {okay, some stalking too} other teachers for YEARS, and it was only last month that I learned about it was new to me, I am guessing a lot of other teachers have never heard of it before as well.  They are a BBB Accredited Charity.  Teachers can sign up to receive FREE, yes FREE, items for their classroom with FREE shipping...there are handling fees such as $1 for 2-6 rolls of washi tape {yep, had to create a new Pinterest Board for that!}...the most expensive handling fee for the items you see above was $7 for 6 sets of 6 highlighters...the clear address labels were valued at $118 for the 2 boxes!!! You must have a total of $25 for placing an order...their inventory is constantly changing, so you never know what you might find {confession...I have a few more orders processing}  GO RIGHT NOW & SIGN UP {CLICK HERE} IF YOU ARE A TEACHER ADDICTED TO SCHOOL SUPPLIES!! {Then, please come back & read the rest of my post!} {oh, & that was a Pinterest inspired holder for SOME of the washi tape, made from a foil container}
Parent Communication Improved!
~Using Class Dojo, New Interactive Whiteboard, & Google Drive

I have been using Class Dojo DAILY {throughout the day} this school year...I have even stopped using my clip chart, adding custom behaviors to fit my classroom & my school...I have had individual communication through the messages with 12 {out of 26 students}...the parents seem comfortable communicating with me & I don't have to worry about giving out my phone number.  If we need to talk, we can message first to be sure the timing will work for both of us...

Around a month ago Class Dojo added a new feature, Class Story, through it you can share class pictures & messages...through this I was able to send a link to parents for a Google Drive is a great way to save pictures of our morning work that we go over daily on the new interactive white board {the students do the work in pencil first thing, then we go over it and they use pen to mark what is correct or make the corrections} & I use the snipping tool, grab a picture, & stick it in that folder  {so I don't blow up the parents' notifications} This way the parents are able to see work we are doing in class & talk with their children about it.

Good night all!


  1. I love your blog. So positive! Thanks for sharing .

  2. I love your blog. So positive! Thanks for sharing .


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