Sunday, September 6, 2015

Currently September

Two days in a row of blogging! BIG smile from me 
Although it is already 6 days into September here is Currently {LOVE Farley & so glad I got to meet her this summer!}

Loving~I am so thrilled to be learning so many things this year!!  I have been learning from so many great sources as well~
I LOVE Twitter for connecting & can find me at @thankfulndw...I am learning more & more about Google, Google Classroom, & everything is my very first Google Slides presentation that I used this week for our Back to School Night~my daughter did all of the transitions & then taught me how to do it...

...Periscope has so many great tips & things that educators are sharing about...if you haven't found yet, go check it out!...they offer FREE webinars & I have learned so much from those webinars!...Instagram, yes Instagram>>that is where I found the GoNoodle poster that inspired me to make these posters for my room!...
...I am learning from podcasts...& always find great ideas on addition to the things in the collage, I am learning how to use our new interactive projector, more about Symbaloo {working on becoming a Certified Symbaloo Educator}, want to learn about Plickers {I have printed the cards out & have the app}
Thinking~how very blessed I am by the people in my community...our area frequently gets a bad rap...I live in the High Desert in Southern California...but the people here are wonderful!!

5 years ago a local business started a program to encourage attendance at school...they gave away a car to a high school student who had perfect attendance...every year they have increased the program...Year 1~1 car to a high school student with perfect attendance; Year 2~2 cars to 2 high school students with perfect attendance;Year 3~same as before plus they paid tax & license for the students & added a car for a teacher!; Year 4~added a 2nd teacher car; Year 5~now they have added It's a Gas to Support Class & are giving a car to a classified employee!!  

WOW!!! They have many other businesses that help support the program too...they give LOTS of other prizes away too!!!  How totally AWESOME to have a community so vested in our schools & making a REAL difference in the lives of our young people!!! Just look at the stats from the different years of their program!!!!

I think the other things on Currently speak for themselves, so off to link up!!


  1. Wow, you have an amazing community! It's great to see the positive impact of community involvement.
    ~Fairway to Fourth Grade

  2. Hi Nancy! Found you at Farley's! :)

    What an amazing attendance program! I can't imagine what an impact that has on the lucky winners!



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