Wednesday, October 21, 2015

3 Wows!~$433 of School Goodies for $26, A Google Form for TpT Purchases, & 4 Kinds of Sentences Game

Wow! 2 Wednesday's in a row blogging! :) Right now that puts me in a super WOW mood!  If I can get consistent at this maybe I will start it up as a linky!
If you haven't seen my last post, just hit the 'older posts' button & look at my previous post about  It shows my first box from them, this is my second...can you see it's value?...$433...& I paid $26!!!  You can sign up for a free account as a teacher, but beware...if you love school/office supplies & you love an amazing deal, you might just be in is quite addicting to check out what is available each day {their inventory is constantly changing}

My second Wow is how many item I have from TpT; 142 Paid Purchases & 482 Free Downloads {since they started tracking it}...I am loving Google Forms & I created one to organize all of my items...after you input your information Google create a Sheet which you can organize & sort by field...that way I can look by the creators of the products eg. Blair Turner, Graphics from the Pond, etc. or by Title or use {I call them Classroom & TABT {The Apple Basket Teacher}  I don't have all of my purchases in yet {LOTS to go on my free downloads}...I may even tweak my Form & add in subject or holiday when applicable...we will see...hopefully if you click on this image it will take you to a copy of my form that you can modify for your needs! 

I just finished getting this 'store ready' & in my is a game for practicing the 4 Kinds of Sentences~Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, & Exclamatory...I print my games on 5 different colors of paper for my 5 table makes life MUCH easier if a piece is later found on the floor!...also I love the small manilla envelopes which I laminate & use velcro to keep closed.  Click on the image above to find it in my store!

Good night all!

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