Tuesday, February 24, 2015

TpT Sale!!! The Correct Pageant Title for me!!

Yippie! A TpT {Teachers pay Teachers}SALE!!!  There are only a few big sales a year so take advantage of checking some things off of your wish list!  There are so many amazing teacher authors & artists {clip art} & font designers!  MANY TpT shop owners are having all of their products 20% & then type in HEROES to get 10% off of that~making it 28% off!!  Also, if you leave feedback on purchases you have made you will get credit to use towards future products! {click on the image to go to TpT}

Here are some of the products I currently have in my store...

Apple Themed Objective Boards that you can print, laminate, & write on with dry erase!Apple Themed Objective Boards

 These are printed, laminated, cut, and they go on a dog tag~I refer to them in class as Teacher Tags.
Stop by my store to check out more of my products!!
The last thing on Farley's Currently for February was Pageant Title...I put "Miss Thankful" although I try to always be thankful...I thought about it a lot this month I realized I am the Queen of Multitasking Starters!...I get so many things started~everywhere...but finishing, well that is a challenge...I have at LEAST 4 different projects started for Teachers pay Teachers that I need to finish..here is some more evidence...I gave up trying to get Christmas cards out a couple years ago...I figured New Year's was more my speed...spent time getting the front of the New Year's letter done, but never got the back done!!!  So, family & friends here is our partial New Year's Letter!!!

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