Monday, February 16, 2015

5 for ????? {4 Day Weekend; Valentine's at School; AR Management Update; Tape Dispenser Makeover; Happy for a Friend!}

Yes, it is supposed to be Five for FRIDAY, but....even with a 4 day weekend, it just isn't happening for me on a Friday, or on a Saturday, or even on a Sunday this week!...I love the format of the 5 things & started working on the post Friday....sooooo.....

It is a 4 DAY WEEKEND!!!!!  Whoo hooo....the  bummer of that is I spent ALL day sick in bed on Saturday :(...not much of a Valentine's Day...went to the movies yesterday with my sweetheart though & saw 'Black or White'...& today we will head up to Big Bear {mountain community about an hour away} with my daughter & I better hurry up & finish this post!

We had our Valentine's Day Party on Thursday....we made Valentine's Floats inspired by this

{Click on picture to go to the blog post it comes from}  we all enjoyed the floats...they gave it a thumbs up as a class...we played this super fun & educational game 
while the kids placed their Valentines in each others hearts...about 4 at a time...the kids used a conversational heart as their marker on the game board...& Rocky dropped off Valentine Grams! 

I just updated my AR Management~Apple Themed to include this 'AR Monthly Goal Met!' page!  Check it out by clicking on the picture!

A friend gave me an old tape dispenser that was pretty blah with a bit a washi tape {notice Apple Basket colors are the same as Christmas colors?!?! great for supplies after Christmas ;-)} and tada....a makeover!

I am SO very excited and happy for my TpT Conference friend Kelly Malloy!!!!! She hit her first TpT milestone!!!!!  Way to go Kelly!!!!  So wonderful!!!  I have several of her products which I LOVE:

Drop by her blog & let her know Nancy~The Apple Basket Teacher sent you over with some smiles 
:-) :-) :-)

An Apple for the Teacher

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