Saturday, February 7, 2015

5 for Fraturday {or maybe Frunday depending on how long it takes me to do this post!} Class art; Honor Band; V-banquet; Mel's Thoughts; & Our House

The last few days of the school week I was feeling pretty grumpy...the class was not doing such a hot job on responding to my signal & they were talking A LOT!!! for art we made...

The picture on the left has the 8 1/2 x 11 sample for the class & the large one is on chart paper...I took the picture of both together so you could see the scale of the picture...I LOVE the step by step art guides from Art Projects for Kids!!!{this link goes directly to her Grumpy Cat step by step}...I never let the students know ahead of time what we are drawing & it is so fun to hear their predictions as the picture is forming! We have a teacher who teaches 2nd grade & loves cats {the kids all know this too!} and Grumpy Cat is her favorite...this is her at Halloween...yes, she was Grumpy I gave her my pictures! 

We have been busy, busy, busy as my daughter not only got cast in our community college's production of Gypsy, she is also in her school's production of Jungle Book, of course now it is 5 dance classes a week & she just made our County Elementary Honor Band!  We are very blessed in our community to have a WONDERFUL music program in our schools!!! One of our band teachers just had surgery, so she asked if I could ride the bus with the honor band kids to the practice about an hour I did...they practice next Saturday & in 2 weeks they meet again for practice & have their performance along with the County Jr. High Honor Band & County High School Honor Band..I know it will be an amazing night of music because my son was a part of the Jr.High Honor Band 2 years is such an important part of our kids education!!

The Junior High School where they practiced has the same mascot as our school...the roadrunner...they had this great picture entering their multipurpose room.

Tonight was my church's annual Valentine Banquet.  My husband was out of town :-( so my date for the night was my daughter! :-)

 The banquet is extra special for our family, because my first date with my husband was at the banquet & a year later on the anniversary of our first date Jim proposed to me at the banquet in a skit on the stage...we were called up & handed scripts...mine suddenly ended...& then he proposed!!<3 <3

I must admit I am so in love with Mel Lloyd's creativity & creations!!!  If you look on my side bar you will see the I <3 Clipart Button...that was created by her & I am a part of the Clipart Addicts isn't just her clipart I love...I love her edges {I am using them big time on a project I am working on}, her fonts {I have them all}, & something else you may not be familiar with even if you do know of Graphics From the Pond...Thoughts From the Pond..{found on her Frog Spot Blog}...these are adorable printable signs that Mel has made & she frequently posts them on one of her Facebook may repost them in social media as long as you provide the link back...I have printed them all out, laminated them, & plan to use them in our workroom {see here} & in my classroom..

I also created several powerpoints...'Fridays'; 'Mondays';'Classroom'; & 'Staff'...the funny thing is although I use powerpoint just about daily...this is the 1st time I have created an actual powerpoint presentation!!  We are having our school staff meeting in my room this week & I plan to have the 'Staff' powerpoint projected for when the teachers come in! :D  THANKS MEL!!! You Rock!!!  I soooo hope I get to meet you this summer!!!!
Our family has had many struggles over the past many years...I have shared some of our challenges HERE...Wednesday I signed papers to short sale our house in town {it had been vacant for a year...could not get it rented}...yesterday it was listed & I got a text later in the day that we have an offer!!!! ...praying it all works out and that the IRS will not tax us on the difference between what is owed & what it sells for...God is ALWAYS good no matter the circumstances we face...although my TpT has not been a source of income yet I am praying that someday it might the mean time I am thankful for every blessing we have!


  1. Thank you so much Nancy! You are such a warm and kind person, I am so blessed to have 'met' you online! Thank you for featuring my 'thoughts'!

    1. Of course!! :) Thanks for making me smile so frequently!


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