Sunday, March 1, 2015

A TRIPLE Linky Post~ {5 for Frunday; Currently; Fontastic Linky}

This is a TRIPLE Linky Post~Five for Frunday, Currently, & my own Fontastic Linky!!

Today I registered for the 2nd Annual TpT Conference!!! I am super excited!  These are the sessions I signed up for:

Last year I went to the conference & didn't bring business cards...NOT a smart today I designed some new ones...with some good advice from my sister...this is what they will look like:...{thought it wise not to display my phone number here!!}

I am requesting prayer from all of those of you who do pray.  My 18 year old stepson {he lived with us full time from age 6 to 15~so I raised him} was born with a congenital heart defect.  He went to Loma Linda about a week and a half ago & it was NOT good.  Tomorrow morning we need to be at Loma Linda at 6:00 is about an hour & a half away...they will be doing a heart is similar to how they do an angiogram...they run a camera in through the artery at the groin area...they will be checking both the 'electrical' & 'plumbing' of his Monday we will go back for a liver biopsy & a 24 heart monitor...we do not know how soon a follow up appointment will son is anxious & scared...& he is having an extra hard time with this because he will become a father {whoa..went to write NEXT month, but it IS March now!!} THIS month...prayers are SOOOO appreciated!{update:catheter went well...pressures in the heart are better than the doctor praying the liver biopsy goes well so a heart transplant will NOT be in his near future...probably will be in his future though}

CURRENTLY...It should say "late nights" in Spring Break Plans...but I am not going to go back & remake this...sorry for the typo!

I have LOVED fonts for a VERY long time...I started this blog in 2011 & if you look at the top I describe myself as a Font-a-holic...I am not sure when the obsession hoarding collecting began, but the love has has only grown stronger with time!

I want to begin with Sources of great fonts:

The first place I can remember discovering & purchasing fonts from is still up and running it is I looked at my order history from them, I saw that my 1st purchase was in the summer of 2005!!  They have great fonts & frequently have $1 sales~they do have a $1 category all of the time...through them I discovered one of my other obsessions loves...Lettering is their sister site...for a long time I only purchased fonts...I didn't understand their Alphabets {once I did I was HOOKED...GREAT for the classroom!!!}...LD has commercial licenses available for about $13 & fonts do go on sale multiple times a year for only $1 {non commercial}

When I began blogging I discovered Kevin & Amanda's AMAZING free fonts!!!  They may be used commercially too...

as a matter of fact the 1st 2 things I put in my TpT store...on July 6, 2011...were samples of how each of their fonts look...they have 2 different collections...Scrapbook fonts...&...Fonts for samples combined have be downloaded almost 7,000 times!!!...they are free & I don't want to remove them from my store, but here's a little secret for you...I have a much better way now...keep reading! ;-)...

If you have read my blog a all, you know that I adore Mel Lloyd from both Frog Spot & Graphics From the Pond...I have purchased her set of Fonts {which she keep adding to...3 more were added this week!!}...these may be used commercially...she also has some free fonts as well look on her sidebar of her Graphics from the Pond blog...

Now there are several AMAZING font designer who offer their fonts for free for PERSONAL USE ONLY...each of them have licenses you may purchase for single fonts or a lifetime all inclusive license for commercial far I have only been able to afford 6 from my latest obsession love...Kimberly Geswein Fonts..{Look at #1...I get to hear her talk in July!!! :-D} are links to 4 great designers fonts...{REMEMBER TO CHECK TOUs WHEN YOU ARE CREATING GOODIES WITH THEM!!}  click on their images to get their fonts.

 {I DO NOT own the commercial license...yet ;-) was just the only image I could find to send to you her site}
 A bonus about Darcy is that you can purchase a font of your handwriting...{NOT something I am interesting in...I don't like mine, which is probably part of the reason I am font obsessed love fonts!}

Now that I have shared where to find a bunch of AMAZING fonts...what to do with them??  This is where I hope this Linky kicks in...I would love to hear your Tips are links to font pairings...first from Mel...

Kimberly Geswein is currently doing a series about font far you can check here, here, & here for her great advice with examples....also take some time to go through the archives to find more great tips...

Now...for Management of fonts...I used to have literally THOUSANDS of fonts installed on my computer {NOT good for the functioning of your computer}  & then Kimberly Geswein shared about NexusFont & it has changed things for me DRAMATICALLY & I wanted to share a little of the ins & outs of NexusFont with I made sure I had each font in the designer's folder I DELETED it from my computer's system folder~go to control panel~appearance & personalization~then fonts...
I made a couple of short tutorials just to show you how you set up a group & populate it...also how to add tags...then to show you how it is in powerpoint...apparently our computer doesn't have a built in speaker so there is no sound, but hopefully watching it will help you! {I am VERY disappointed in how these tutorials turned out!! :( no time now to try a different option...I will update later!}  

{working on updating this now}

My NexusFont Tutorial Can Be Viewed HERE or by clicking on the picture above!

If you have any great sources of fonts, tips for using fonts, or suggestions for management of fonts PLEASE link up...I can't wait to learn from you!


  1. My thoughts are with you and your stepson and family and I hope the procedure goes well.
    And, enjoy the TPT conference!!!

    : ) Renee
    The Third Grade Learning Spot

  2. Oh Nancy, sending up lots of prayers for your stepson! Can't imagine how stressful that is! Your spring break plans sound a lot like mine. Hoping I can sleep in until at least 8am! ( I have a 5 and 3 year old who like to get up early!) Hope you get some special family time in during your spring break. Prayers!!

    Mrs. MeGown’s 2nd Grade Safari

  3. Hi! I'm following all the Vegas bound bloggers on the forum thread. I'd love to have you follow me back @ Super excited for Vegas!


  4. Hi! I'm following all the Vegas bound bloggers on the forum thread. I'd love to have you follow me back @ Super excited for Vegas!



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