Sunday, February 22, 2015

5 for Frunday~{Report Cards; GoNoodle Plus; Book Study;Google Conference; & Birthday Meme}

My Five for Frunday is about things that I am either NOT looking forward to or looking forward to...

NOT looking forward to...

Report Cards!  Our trimester ends next Friday and I am NOT looking forward to this weekend & next weekend sorting, grading, bubbling {scanned tests}, averaging, checking, writing comments, & filling in grades...I used to think it was kids who weren't wild about report cards well, ....this is one of this teacher's LEAST favorite things about my job...but, as my classroom sign says...WE CAN DO HARD!!!

Looking forward to...

Trying out GoNoodle Plus

   We love using GoNoodle for Brain Breaks!  I was looking at what GoNoodle Plus has to offer & saw that there is a 15 free trial.  As I said before, our trimester ends next Friday & we have a lot to finish up this next week....we are going to try the freebie Plus time and see what we think of it!

I am looking forward to joining up with some amazing bloggers who are doing a book study of Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites...I plan to read along, see what these bloggers have to say, & hopefully join in on the discussion about this book.  If you click on the image it will take you to Blog Hoppin which lists the schedule for reading & who is reflecting on those chapters.

Google Conference!...4 teachers & our principal are going to this training in Palm Springs the first full weekend in March!  I am so excited to learn more about Google Docs, Chrome, YouTube {although it is currently blocked in our district}, Google Drive & so much more!!!

I love Michelle over at The 3AM Teacher!  She makes such great stuff!!  I have her 'Hello Planner' & I am loving it...her birthday is Monday & she is hosting a fun "Create a fun birthday Meme" for her birthday...we were asked to use one of her pictures she took at the Wildlife World Zoo this last's what I created...

Since I will be turning 50 in just a few short months I am trying to convince myself that I a just showing more character!!!...what I am looking forward to with my #5 is whatever goodie Michelle may share if enough people create a meme!!
#3ambirthdaymeme Have a blessed week!


  1. I LOVE your birthday MEME!! Thank you!!

    The Google Conference would be awesome to attend! I hope you get some great tips and share them!! (-;


  2. Being 50 is awesome! I just told my daughter that when your 50 you get to make the rules and break them and no one gets mad at you cause your 50! I'm going to check out that book study. I saw something on Instagram about that book and it looked pretty good!


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