Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Teaching Blogs Making the World a Better Place!

Okay, maybe you think my title's going a bit too far...but is it really?  We are in challenging times in education.  There is sooooo much focus on THE TEST (whatever test your state or country uses), teachers seemed to be blamed for all the ills of society, and with budget nightmares we have lost many young energetic, enthusiastic teachers.  I believe healthy schools and districts need the wisdom and experience of veteran teachers and the freshness, eagerness, and latest research and knowedge of our new teachers.  At least in my state new teachers are not being hired and some districts have gone back five years worth of hiring for layoffs. :(  It is easy to have burnout with those circumstances, but then to find a community of teachers of varying levels and experience so willing and eager to share with one another sparks that fire that I believe we all have as educators!  The Bible says "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another" Proverbs 27:17.  That's what this community seems to do, bring out the best in each other!  I have been working hard to get my room more organized; I'm not ready to post pictures yet..too much 'bad' and 'ugly' still!  When I feel the good outweighs the other two I'll post pictures of my classroom.  I have had a renewed excitement and passion for teaching and being an educator since diving into the world of teacher blogs!

I wanted to share another way this community has made a difference; Mrs. Durning at Second Grade is Splendid donated her quarter's earnings from TpT (teachers pay teachers) to help a friend and colleague dealing with cancer! 

The other story that moved me to tears is Deanna Jump, who is listed as the #1 seller on TpT.  When I read her post about how she had spent her earnings I said a 'thank you' prayer that she has been able to have that extra income from other teachers! Check out her blog dated April 11th.

Let's keep sharpening and encouraging one another and have the next generation benifit from our sharing!


  1. I love this post and I couldn't agree with you more! I definitely think that blogging makes the teaching world a better place. I was facing some serious burn out last year. SO much pressure with state testing at our school and I had just had my second child. I didn't know if teaching full time was what I truly wanted to do anymore. However, finding all of these amazing blogs and then starting my own has opening my heart to teaching again. I have loved this school year.


  2. Nancy,
    You are so sweet to mention me in your blog post. I am honored to belong to such a wonderful group of blogging friends. :)
    God is good!


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