Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Great Reward (& FUN too!) Sound Buttons!

Hi!  I wanted to share my collection of Hallmark sound buttons.  If you have never seen them they are GREAT for classroom use!  I remember seeing them at Hallmark when they first came out and thinking what would I do with that!  I must give the credit to Kim Sutton (Elementary Math Guru--see my first post) for my complete change in attitude towards these fabulous buttons!  She shared how she used the 'Whoomp Button' with sixth graders when they really put forth effort and did great thinking they got to press the 'Whoomp Button' and hear a portion of the song 'whoomp there it is...'  So, my collection began!  I bought some of them from Hallmark for around $12 and several of them on ebay.  I had decided I wouldn't spend over $10 a button including shipping.  The last two I got were 'ABC 123' (the Jackson's) and 'Ain't Too Proud To Beg' on clearance at Hallmark for $2 each!  The 'Are You Chicken?' does the Chicken Dance Song, the 'Force Field' does the Star Wars theme, but I must say my favorite is 'The Hampster of Happiness' button.  It has about 12 different saying that crack me up!  I use the buttons when students have done something great such as found one of our vocabulary words in something besides the story it came from, or went beyond in some way.  They get to choose which button they want to push!  They really enjoy them!


  1. I saw an idea similar to this but uses the hallmark greeting cards with the music built in to them. The teacher has a collection of these and if he sees a student that needs a pick me up etc he puts it on his/her desk. The teacher is able to see the child's smile when he/she returns and sees and hears the card. All of the teacher's students know that they return the greeting card at the end of the day so that another child can benefit from the card. I think I will have to invest in some greeting cards that do this :)

    Thank you!

  2. I love my buttons from Hallmark. We usually use them as game buzzers!


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