Friday, July 15, 2011

Vistaprint Linky Party!

I've seen many teachers posting about what they've got from Vistaprint and thought it was good timing for a linky party!  If you have never used Vistaprint (it is one word & singular) click on each of the links and check out what is available for you and your classroom, if you have things from Vistaprint post what you've made and link up!!! 

Here are some new things that I've added to my collection:
this shirt I actually got FREE

My Love & Logic Poster on my door got messed up  at the end of the year so  this banner is replacing it!

I've handed a few of these out to try to get my Donor's Choose project funded

these are small magnets I'll give them at the quote from The Book Whisperer

This is for my daughter's dance studio, which had been wonderful to
our family in $ hard times! Notepad

I was able to add all of our school district's dates on this!
Click HERE & HERE to see my previous posts about Vistaprint & click HERE to see my guest post on Barrow's Hodgepodge.
Also, if you are new to blogging and want to know more about Linky Parties please click HERE to see Jenn Bate's wonderful post about Linky Etiquette. 

If Vistaprint is new to you and you would like to order I'd greatly appreciate it if you would click on the link at the lower left of my blog right above my counter to order.  THANKS!!!!


  1. Hey there,
    Hop on over and add your Vista Print Linky to my
    Lots of Linkies List. I'm trying my best to keep blogworld linkies organized for a reference/resource to bloggers.

    Yearn to Learn Blog Linky List

  2. Love Vistaprint, posted my link, I have a cert to use, and I am finding so many ideas (pinning them to pinterest) I might have to watch for another cert before schools starts!

  3. All these great ideas are making me want to place another order! I usually only do one order a year!

    Go Fourth! With Mrs. Owens

  4. Thanks for hosting this party! I love getting more ideas for things I can order. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  5. Thanks for doing this linky party! I love Vistaprint and have been a customer for years.

  6. I just placed my order and added my link!! Thanks for motivating me!

  7. I just placed my first order and I'm very excited!! I had to purchase $30 worth and get free shipping and got 11 free stuff. I was hoping for the great deal Cluster free had but I'm happy with what I just got. I pay $30 worth of stuff instead of shipping fees. If you want to check it out here is the link. Have fun!!!


  8. I placed my 4th order ;) and added my link (albeit late!)

  9. Oh my GOSH. Thank you for doing this linky party! It's awesome to get inspiration from you all as teachers for newbies like me! :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

  10. Check out all the latest Vistaprint Coupons codes, promo codes & discounts for 2014.


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