Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why Haven't I Been Posting & What HAVE I Been Doing?

Hello everyone, I hope you haven't given up on me!
 1.  TBA Blogroll Administrator Stuff 
I'm in charge of getting requests to be on the TBA Blogroll (in the Sqworl folders) taken care of.  With the end of school and surgery, requests  had been going into a special folder in my email.  I had put several blogs on the Blogroll, but I hadn't replied to the bloggers, and I had many more requests to deal with.  I've spent 3 1/2 hours this week trying to catch up, not quite there yet, but getting close!
2.  I am a True TBA!!!
I now have over 400 blogs in Google Reader (I can't stop adding new ones when I find them!)  Just trying to keep up with the posts and trying to leave some comments has kept me very busy!  I have my own little management system I'm dealing with to organize this obsession so,

here's a little peek! ;-)

3. Cutting, Counting, Packaging Box Tops & Labels for Education!
Phew!! I'm finally done! I'm the coordinator at my school, and I just couldn't deal with that responsibility during the school year so for the last several weeks I've been working on these!  There were 9,299 Box Tops which means $929.90 for our school!!!! Whooo Hooo! We also have 1,245 points ready for Labels for Education!  Let's hear it for FREE money for schools!!! I'm hoping I'll get them mailed off today, if not tomorrow.  Here's a peek~
4. Shopping for School Goodies!
For the last several years things have seemed pretty crazy at the end of school, when I think I'm going to get everything sorted and organized, instead it's been tossed in a drawer, box, file box and saved for the fall.  Then when I get back I don't get to those 'sorting boxes' and they get shoved aside (AGAIN).  This last year I used up ALL of my sick leave :( several issues with my health and that of my family, and every time I had a sub, my 'not so neat' teacher work area got scooped up and tucked away somewhere.  SO, I brought tons of boxes & file boxes home to sort, organize and clean out!
That's just a portion of what I've been working on!
6. Reading The Book Whisperer & working on a Freebie to go with it!
I am LOVING the book and I have pulled out quotes from the book and have printed them out...

There's more to add to this list, but now it's time to run into town(20 miles away), pick the kids up from VBS, take the rental into Victorville (another 30 miles away) and get my Toyota Sieanna back (BIG bill :( )  I had to share these pictures of my kids Andrew and Sieanna--today was 'tourist day' at VBS--they came up with everything on their own!! :)

Hopefully I'll get to finish this post in a few hours!!!


  1. Wow! You sure do have a lot on your plate.

  2. Wow Nancy! You sure have been busy! Take your time with the TBA stuff. No hurry. Enjoy your last weeks of summer with your family. I appreciate everything you do. ☺

  3. I am so glad I found your blog, are we related? I too am so far behind on my filing and can't resist "following" every blog...I took the last few days off to work on files and now my reader is exploding! I have so much on to do list this summer glad to know I am not alone:)


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