Saturday, July 2, 2011

Even MORE Giveaways!

My Google Reader is at O! I closed that tab, I don't want to see new ones added yet! ;)
There are quiet a few more Giveaways in Blogworld.  Right now I have several tabs open in my browser so I'll blog about each one, enter and close those tabs!
*First up is a new blogger, Karen Stamp at Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten.  She is giving away a Starbucks card for $10
*Second we have Emily at Playground Duty giving away labels from UPrinting. (this company is new to me, I'm going to learn more about them!) Click on the button below to go to the giveaway!

*Third, Kathy at First Grade...a la Carte is giving away her set of Nursery Rhyme Themed Games to 5 winners!

*Fourth, Mary at Guided Math is giving away the game 'A Head Full of Numbers'

Guided Math


  1. haahha I just did the same thing! I had over 300 unread posts and I was overwhelmed! But I never want to miss anything! lol

  2. yes, I've been VERY overwhelmed! I can't drive yet after surgery...and...I'm soooooo sorry I have mailed off your winning giveaway prize yet! :( Sorry, I'll try to get it in the mail in the next week! Please forgive WILL get it!
    Thanks, Nancy

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