Sunday, April 8, 2018

LATE February & March Post...Only Hours Left of Spring Break, But it is Done!

I know that it is now the beginning of April...I am giving myself some's spring break & I will keep working on this until I am ready to hit the publish was my goal for 2018 to post at the end of every month...the end of February I had been sick and dealing with some other things so this is my post for both February & March...Well, now it is Sunday night, the END of spring break...I managed to avoid most of the things on my 'Spring Break To Do List' including working on this blog...I did spend time with family, relaxed, and accomplished some other here it is February & March...

In February I was able to go to a Leader in Me Symposium with 3 others from my school.  It was a great couple of days in San Diego.  We stayed at Town & Country Inn... we enjoyed the atmosphere complete with guard bunnies, flamingos, & large rubber duckies in a fountain!

My son Andrew is a freshman at CBU...he has played the sousaphone in the pep band & I went to several of the basketball games...this little guy is my grandson...we have been his guardians since November...he is such a joy & he loved visiting Uncle Andrew at his college...Uncle Andrew also enjoyed showing off his nephew to some of his friends during one of our visits.
A major highlight in February was attending the 3rd Annual Teachers Take Meet Up!  It was so wonderful to see dear friends & meet new ones.  We had a wonderful time and I am so grateful to the 'Fab Four' who have planned these great Meet Ups!
Later in February, our school had its 3rd Leadership Day...our theme was 'Why fit in when you were born to stand out'  the students did a great job as we had community members and staff from other schools visit for the day.
I met Katie at a Teacher Get Together Tea 2 years ago & have followed her adventures of the last year as her husband played Iago in the Traveling Cast of Aladdin...she went with Reggie & it was so fun to see her pictures of the places they went and hear about her journey...well, Aladdin came to Southern California & Katie was able to offer a special deal for friends & family...I asked my good friend Linda if she would like to go & take our daughters...we was AMAZING!!!  We had dinner with Katie & Reggie after the performance & Linda's daughter shared how she had made the costumes for her high school's production of Aladdin & how she wants to be a Theater Major with an emphasis in costume design...Reggie invited us backstage!!!!  It was so wonderful, a memory none of us will ever forget!
In March, our 3rd & 4th-grade classes had a field trip to is about a 3+ hour bus ride to get there...I had been sick for a while with a sore throat & cough, but it turned out to be a great day for everyone...I highly recommend the ramen, it was all freshly made and the perfect thing to eat!!! The only major challenge...we were supposed to be back around 7...we got back around 9:30!...the buses refueled, EVERY child had to use the restroom at that stop, & traffic!  In spite of the long day, I know the students had a fantastic time!
In my last post I shared about Jessica McCabe's TED Talk & how my life was impacted by it...well, in March I got to meet her!!!  I love her YouTube channel 'How to ADHD' was also Tyler's 3rd birthday...he loved meeting Jessica's dog Chloe, had fun riding the train with his uncle & daddy, and getting a chance to spend time with his dad...we enjoyed his birthday dinner at Rainforest was a GOOD day!!
I love when things just seem to fit together!!  This school year I read & enjoyed Wonder & saw the movie...then I read A Fish in a Tree...both are EXCELLENT books & if you haven't read them, I HIGHLY recommend them both...I gave A Fish in a Tree to my principal to read, and then gave it to one of our 6th grade teachers...the 5th & 6th grade classes had read and seen Wonder & I thought Fish in a Tree would be a great follow up to Wonder the main character is a boy in Fish in a Tree it is a girl...the title is based on the quote supposedly said by Albert Einstein, "Everyone has genius, but if you judged a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it would spend its life feeling stupid"  The book deals with a girl with Dyslexia...the 6th grade teacher not only read the book, she read it to her whole class & they loved it the same time Jessica from How to ADHD came out with her first song, Try Different (the Fish Song){based on the quote as well} all fit so well!!!  Okay, if you are reading this in the first 24 hours...possible typos!!  I just want to hit publish & get to bed!! {By the way, over break I WAS diagnosed with ADHD...the beginning of a new adventure for me!}

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