Thursday, February 1, 2018

January Post~My Word for the Year & ADHD

I know that today is FEBRUARY 1st, but since I only came up with the idea of trying to post the last day of the month just a few days ago, I am giving myself some grace.  I figured that way I can collect ideas during the month, add to it as things happen and then publish on the last day of the month.  I think this might be the right plan for me.  I really do want to blog, even if it is just for me to look back at years from now. I do enjoy blogging when I don't let myself get stressed out or overwhelmed.
 Back in 2014, I decided to go with the idea of choosing a word for the year.  I had seen them being posted all over the web, and I really had been struggling with feeling 'stuck'...I didn't want to use the word 'unstuck' and  I was praying about it.  It was like a thought that whispered in me, "ASK me to get you unstuck" and I knew ASK was meant to be my word.
I followed it up with 'SEEK', but apparently never made a graphic for it. 

The following year 'FIND' made sense...

I was so glad that 'NEXT' was my word for 2017.  It started out with some major personal challenges, and seemed to continue that way all year...I just tried to focus on the NEXT thing.  There were many blessings and joys in 2017, but many struggles as well.

 My 2018 word came to me during a time of prayer too.  I had it just kind of come to me, but once the word was in my mind, it was anchored in my heart...I feel so excited and blessed that 'JOY' is my word this year.  I have written out 4 key verses with JOY in them.  I have created these prints as a special fundraiser for an amazing ministry that I hope to share about soon.

 My last few weeks have been consumed with researching about ADHD.  It all started with this TED Talk:

I realized that I was relating to so much of what Jessica was saying...I found her YouTube Channel 'How to ADHD' and I have watched a TON of her videos, as well as other videos, podcasts, articles.  You would think as a teacher of 30 years I would KNOW what ADHD was...I mean I have had kids that were diagnosed with ADHD or that I suspected would be...most of them with signs that were obvious in the classroom...I learned there is so much more to many things that I have struggled with my whole life...always feeling broken, that there was something missing in me, defective...I am on a waiting list to see a psychiatrist who had been recommended by someone I know.  I don't know if medication is in my future or not.  Jessica has an episode in which she talks about running out of her medication and what it was like for her...I cried watching it...I am hoping to create a ADHD Teacher Tribe on Facebook...please contact me if you can relate...I would love to connect!

 See you on IG or at the end of this month!!

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