Tuesday, July 3, 2018

GYTO ~ Get Your Teach On National Conference

Last week I was so blessed to attend the Get Your Teach On National Conference in San Diego.  This conference was started by Deanna Jump & Hope King.  The focus of the conference was student engagement.  There were so many amazing presenters!  The energy was incredible during the whole 2 1/2 days!  2,500 teachers were pumped about teaching and you could see it, feel it, and hear it!
I was so glad to see my online & Teacher Meet Up friend Amy! We were in the 3rd-grade sessions together!  Melissa, my good friend, and first-grade teacher at my school attended the conference with me.  It was fun to spend time together and share about how this could have a positive impact on our school! We have already met once to share our thoughts, ideas, & inspiration from the conference.

I loved the whole 80s Rock Theme of the conference...we were even treated to an Arrowsmith cover band, Arrowmyth, to get us pumped up!  Hope and Wade King {they both teach at the Ron Clark Academy & coauthored The Wild Card} shared/presented together for the whole group as well as presenting in grade level sessions.  
For our grade level time we were in tables of 10, and we didn't just sit and listen, we sang, did call & responses with the presenters, did a breakout, worked with manipulatives, played games, had costumes, {glow glasses, lego glasses, spy hats & glasses, & superhero masks!} & worked together while having a BLAST!  I hope my students this coming year have as much fun learning as I did at this conference!
I loved ALL of our keynote speakers, but I have found myself reflecting on & pondering so many of the things that Michael Bonner said.  He became known for being on the Ellen Show {twice} after a video his 2nd-grade students made went viral.  Michael has such a huge heart for his students and it shows.  He found ways to help them have significant academic growth, but beyond that, seeing the joy & love in his students' faces tells the story I want to learn from! I have bought the Kindle version of his book Get Up or Give Up and have begun reading it. I am now following him on social media & I look forward to learning from him.
I was super excited to learn about Unicef's KID POWER program and I am super excited for my students to make a difference in the world just by getting up and moving to short videos, Kid Power Ups {brain break type videos similar to GoNoodle} & I have the app on my phone that is earning food packs called RUFTs for Guatemalans...if you know me or have been around my blog at all, you will know that my heart is connected to Guatemala & it thrills me that just walking can help others there!
It was great to see and talk to Deanna Jump again, she has such a big heart and touching story, see Hope King again {and although she has now met literally thousands of teachers across the country she did remember me from the previous times we had met} and meet & talk withWade King. Many of the individuals who are a part of Get Your Teach On have written books, presented a numerous conferences, and are connecting with thousands of teachers through social media...for one main purpose to encourage & help teachers so that our students are learning and growing...they are creating an Education Revolution!!  Check out the Rock Your School Event and join in too! (you can start by searching for the Facebook group Get Your Teach On & then you can learn about The Rock Your School Event happening Sept. 20)

Some of the Staff of GYTO included:
Hope and Wade King The Wild Card 
@_wadeking @elementaryshenanigans
Deanna Jump @mrsjumpsclass
Michael Bonner Get Up or Give Up
Chris Pombonyo @chrispombonyo
Todd Nesloney Stories from Webb, Sparks in the Dark, Kids Deserve It!
Adam Dovico Inside the Trenches: An Educator's Guide for What You CAN Do in the Classroom, The Limitless School: Creative Ways to Solve the Culture Puzzle
Lanesha Tabb @apron_education
Joe Dombrowski @mrdtimes3
Nicholas Ferroni @nicholasferroni

I have names linked to their YouTube Channels, Books they have written or co-written underlined (not linked) & Instagram name listed
@the.apple.basket.teacher is ME! {on Instagram}

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