Sunday, January 18, 2015

Five for Frunday!?!?!

Yes, this is 2 days late...started feeling icky at school Friday afternoon...sneezing, stuffy nose, sinus pressure, etc...came home & crawled in bed...slept most of yesterday...feeling quite a bit better this morning.

I have stated before how teacher blogs are making the world a better place and I truly believe that.  Teachers have such a heart for others.  I want to share about a fundraiser for a very touching cause...
It is a  $25 donation, and you will receive lots of wonderful clipart.  If you click on the button above it will take you to the blog post about the fund raiser.

I have talked about my sound buttons on the blog before {thank you Kim Sutton for introducing me to these GREAT classroom tools!}, but I decided to let you see & hear what they are all about...

You can check on ebay...that is where I found most of is a one time purchase & can be used as a reward/incentive/motivator over & over & over again in your classroom...the kids LOVE them!!!!!

I am really excited about two products I am working on right now...the first is a way to keep track of the standards, skills, & resources you have and the second is all about simple, compound, & complex sentences & everything that goes with them...hope to finish within the next week or two!!

Please pray for my community.  It has been a VERY rough week for us.  We made the LA News {1 1/2 hours away} twice, and both were really bad news.  We have had 2 separate arrests of school employees...both accused of inappropriate actions with minors...the 1st is a school secretary at our local Christian preschool-8th grade school and the 2nd my daughter's principal at our new 5th-8th grade STEM Academy...there is no 'best case senario'...what ever the truth is it is devastating for numerous individuals. I have had such a heavy heart! Praying for truth & healing.


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  1. Hi Nancy (that's my sister's name; which I picked out so it's one of my favorite names!). I hope you're feeling better and that news has improved in your neck of the woods! I love your clipart on your blog!


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