Monday, December 22, 2014

Just a Quick Fun Post!

Hi all...just a quick post today, a few fun videos & some additions to my classroom!

I found the cutest Youtube video...a teacher redid Taylor Swift's Shake it Off just for teachers...I so related to "Sub plans I hate to make"!!!

Since that one put me in a good mood, I decided to look up other teacher are some of my favorites that I found:


This last month a had some changes in my room...I like using chart paper for notes & anchor charts, but it has been a challenge to find magnets that will hold it up. {I like to keep the whole pad so the pen doesn't bleed through onto the white board} When I saw these at the store I figured they were worth a far so good!

I found this tape at the 99 Cent Only store & gave my file cabinets a bit of a makeover! You can see I am still finishing the green one!

 Our librarian has 5 of these 'Big Joe' seats in the library...the kids love them and they are really well made...I love that they are in the form of a chair & stay that way, much better than the traditional bean bag chair...for right now I am using it, but I plan to use it as an incentive for my students...just haven't figured out what the criteria will be to sit on it!...they were $25 at Walmart, normally $40!

Hope to be blogging soon...there are some fun linkies I would like to join!

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