Sunday, December 7, 2014

5 for Frunday??? Better Late Than Never!

I am doing this even though Doodle Bugs is taking a break! :)

I so love GoNoodle!  They have now changed the "YOU Like to Move It!" video to say 'Barstow' instead of our county....THANK YOU GoNoodle for the change!!!!  Because I had submitted the video to them they gave me a code for a free shirt!!!! {just had to pay shipping} I wore it to school Monday...the kids loved it!!!  On CyberMonday they had a sale so I bought GoNoodle pencils for my class for Christmas & the window decal in the upper right...the bottom left is the bag I was so excited to get in the mail containing the CyberMonday goodies.  If you have not yet checked them out, do so!!!...if you follow them on Facebook you can click on their links for Neuroscience for Teachers! isn't just fun {which it is beyond's a BLAST} it is GOOD for our kids!!!!! {click on logo above to go to their site!! }

Last year my students made these Grinch pictures...we are working on them this week....I love how they are all unique...I love Art Projects for Kids...she has step by step to draw many different things & many other art projects for on my picture above & it will take you to the How to Draw Grinch page!
I am so sad my school color printer died...and now it is a grayscale world...a new printer has been ordered~black & white...I am considering doing a Donor's Choose project for a color printer & LOTS of ink!!  On my December Currently one of the things I was going to give my students was a personalized {with their names, apple, & roadrunner {our mascot} decorations} multiplication table...somehow having it in grayscale just doesn't seem like much of a gift :-(  I am going to be doing a lot more printing from home...anyone research the most cost efficient color printer????

Our community has had so many wonderful Christmas Celebrations & has more planned in the coming days! the collage above from left to right, top to bottom...our church youth choir {my son is on the right in the first picture}, Chi Alpha performing at the Veteran's Home, Chi Alpha performing at Barstow Community College's Annual Festival of Lights & Learning,  Chi Alpha Performing at our Community's First Annual Tree Lighting, Marine Corps Color Guard at the Tree Lighting, College Band Winter Concert {photo credit~Eric Drake} (my son was playing tuba) {Blogger is being difficult!  The video just doesn't want to load!!!! :-(}  of my daughter {in the center with the pink snowman shirt} at the College Festival.
This coming week...2 nights of mini dance recital for my daughter, high school choir concert for my son, our church's annual Christmas Alive play (4 days in a row)...busy, busy, busy, but enjoying all of the sights & sounds! 
{2 more videos will be uploaded in the morning...Dropbox is still uploading them!}

I am so very excited to begin using the 'Kicking It' Multiplication set I purchased from my friend from the TpT Conference, Kelly Malloy!
Teacher Tags {rest of the teaching world calls them Brag Tags}~~Check
Parent Letters Ready~~Check
My Teacher Info & Masters Together~~Check
Student Fact Rings Ready~~Check {Okay, only the first to levels!}
Student Pocket Folders Ready~~Check
Can't wait to start using this!!!! 
{I will be purchasing a second license for a coworker today...she thought it looked great too!}
Clicking on the collage will take you to this in her TpT store! :)

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  1. I am printing out the Grinch tutorials as I type this comment - my kiddos are going to love them! I LOVE the pics you took of my Kicking It Math! I also have loved seeing all of your family's Christmas festivities on Facebook! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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