Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wow! A Month Since I Last Posted! Time FLIES!!!

Okay...I really don't get how some of you do it!!  Teaching, being moms, posting constantly, posting new products, having perfect, neat, tidy, organized rooms!!! Wow!  I am almost daily thinking of things I want to post, make, do, organize...my to do list is always about a mile long...dishes & laundry pile up, papers to be graded & recorded pile up...well, I'm just me so I will keep taking 'another step, and another step, and another step' as Steven Curtis Chapman says in his song on his newest album!...Our family saw him in concert a few weeks ago...one of the highlights of my year!!!!

 {Sorry...it sends to you Youtube}
This is Red Ribbon week and the theme worked so well for our 'Apple Basket Classroom' it is 'A Healthy Me is Drug Free'. We have a door decorating/banner contest at school here are pictures of the banner we made.

My daughter took these pictures for me on Sunday & I am so glad that she did because we live in the High Desert of Southern California & when the wind kicks up...IT KICKS UP!! This is what it looked like at the end of school yesterday :(  They are going to judge the doors/banners today & will judge ours based on our pictures!
Our team heading up Red Ribbon Week has done a great job...each day a fun theme...the bummer for today is that it is Jersey day..."Team up Against Drugs" and I am NOT a sports person...no jerseys...so I will just wear a pumpkin shirt today!
I have had a half apron at school for several years & I've loved it...the only problem was as the pockets filled up it would pull down and the tie would stay up.  The seller on Etsy that I bought the apron from the first time didn't have any apple aprons {my old one was dingy & tearing} so I found 'The Apron Addict' and ask if hers had belt loops or if she could add them.  She did & didn't charge extra! I LOVE my new apron!!!

It has a zippered pocket too!
We are the Montara Roadrunners & we had a parent {whoo hoo from my classroom!!!} who raised funds on her own & purchased this professional, amazing mascot outfit for our school!!!

Well, I may break the 'blogger posting law' and post again later...I have so much I want to share!!!...I will take it in small chunks!
Be back soon!! {I HOPE!}

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