Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Clip Art & Sad News

See this nice 'button'?  Well this is a bit of an understatement for me! :-)  Now I love Mel from Graphics from the Pond, but I have come to the conclusion that she is MEAN...yep, just plain MEAN.  I mean, I have been trying desperately to get all of my clipart/graphics organized and usable {so maybe I will know all of the TOUs (Terms of Use) and actually start posting in my TpT & TN stores!!} and just as I am getting close she has to be a part of this project:

Do you see that OVER 1,100 images, fonts, & papers!!??!! The deal is $29.99 and you save 75% compared to what you would purchase these individual sets for at TpT or TN!  It includes some of my favorites~~The 3am Teacher, Ashley Hughes,Mr. Magician, Ms. Fultz's Corner, & Melonheadz.  It also includes designers who are new to me so...of course I had to check out what they have in their shops & see what freebies I could add to my collection!!  I have purchased this set, unzipped it, and put the files into my 'to add to graphics by designer' file.  I still need to add a preview of each to my 276 page document, print that out and add it to my giant graphics binder {I think very soon it will have to be split into two binders!}
Now, Mel didn't just stop there....oh, no...she decided to torture us some more!  She just added this super cute Christmas set to her store & it is half off for today...or for HER today {she's down in Australia}
$4 for all those goodies...for now at least! :)
See...she's just plain MEAN...<3 you Mel!!
As I said above, she lives in Australia & has had wildfires all around her area...she has chosen to use her talents to help the koalas effected by the fires.
I purchased her wonderful koala set & you can to...all proceeds go to help the koalas.

All graphics above link to the sites where you can purchase them just like I did! :)
Now, if all this isn't enough...about a week & a half ago Jin at Under a Cherry Tree posted about the best sale on Silhouette Cameo that she had ever seen...well...I have had my eye on the Silhouette for YEARS!!!!  I know there are many crafters and teachers who have gone for the Cricut, but being a 'font-a-holic' I have always wanted the Silhouette because you can use the fonts you have!  Guess what I am getting for Christmas?!?!  

I am like a little kid...SO excited!! I can't wait to open the box and try it!!  I love Lettering Delights and began getting fonts from them, then started purchasing graphics, when I finally understood how alphabets work I couldn't stop adding to my collection...they have 'cut it' sets for the Silhouette!!! Every Friday they give away something free and I have quite a collection of 'cut it' sets to get started but I couldn't resist their current deal {it ends Thursday} for a 'Gift Giving Bundle' it has 40 'cut it' sets and is normally $170 but is on sale for $30!! {every time you make a purchase they give you a code for 25% off your next purchase :-D} & when you spend $30 by 10/31 you get a FREE giant Christmas Village set!  Okay...NO MORE DEALS!!! I really can't afford it!!!! 

Now, completely changing mood {wow, as I started to type this my whole body slumped} this summer I had shared with you all about a woman from my Sunday school class who was missing.

Unfortunately, her body was discovered last Sunday in the desert not far from here.  Her service will be Saturday.  I had already agreed to do Saturday school, but if they end up not needing me I will be at the service.  Please pray for the Delzell family and their loss.  Thanks you.


  1. Oh that is so sad about your friend - how terrible for everyone…..

    Taking the good with the bad, I did have a chuckle about "Mean Mel" - I agree, I am sure I don't need anymore clipart but I just bought her newest set!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning

    1. Thanks for commenting! Isn't that set great?!

  2. Man, that Mel! I don't know WHY we keep her around. ;)

    1. Aren't her freebies on facebook great? Remember when I commented on the laminator {BEST purchase EVER!!} how much I had wanted a Silhouette...now happy as a clam laminator & Silhouette!


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