Sunday, September 29, 2013

Five for Fraturday!! :) Clip art, Classroom Blog, & More!

Yes, I can't manage to get in posting on a is my 5 for Fraturday! {I first saw this on Kristin's A Teeny Tiny Teacher & I loved the idea!}

On the left hand side of my blog there is this button:
I think this is a bit of an understatement for me!  This summer as I was trying to organize all of my digital resources, I reorganized my clip art & graphics.  I made a folder in my documents titled 'Graphics by Designer'. This is what the contents look like at the moment:

The folders have all of the graphics sets, in separate folders, that I have by that designer.  All of these I have used the snipping tool to capture a 'graphics preview' of...that document that has the previews is currently 241 pages in length!!! But wait, that's not all!  I have another folder on my desktop that is called 'to add to g by d', it contains all of the new sets I've downloaded and unzipped, but have not yet added to my graphics by designer folder. This is what that folder currently looks like:
Although this may not look like a Lovin Lit folder has 3 sets, Graphics From the Pond has 4 sets, Dots of Fun has 8 sets, and Creative Clips has 20 sets!! As I add these to my 'Graphics by Designer' folder I print out the page of previews & add it to my binder that began as a 1/2" binder & is currently a very stuffed 3" binder!!
Now, Mel Lloyd, from Graphics From the Pond created the 'I <3 Clip Art' Button & she offers FREE clip art for those who display the button! What an awesome deal is that!!! {admit that you are a clip art addict love clip art & she'll feed that addiction offer more of what you love!}
Fitting right in with #1, Tammy from Dots of Fun, reached 700 TpT followers {she's now up to 823!! You go girl!} so she is having a CLIP ART Giveaway!  I hope I win!! So many great designers contributed items! 
My number 3 is a huge praise to God for taking care of Shannon from Technology Rocks. Seriously. & Sweet Blessings.  Several months ago Shannon discovered she had a brain tumor.  You can read more about her journey HERE.  She had her surgery September 17 and she is recovering at home now. Praise God they were able to remove ALL of the tumor and did not damage her facial nerve! God bless you with a full and speedy recovery Shannon...I continue to pray for you frequently!
In my class I have been doing Language Arts journals & Math journals as well as anchor charts.  Here are some pictures of the pages from my journals {I do these on the doc cam & the kids do the same in theirs}

The Antonym & Synonym copied pages are from 

Interactive Notebooks: Flap Books to Enhance Journaling {Reading Workshop}

by Amanda at One Extra Degree.  If you click on the either picture or the title above it will take you straight to this product in Teachers Pay Teachers.

 Now some of my anchor charts from this year:

I have been posting on my classroom blog and plan to post more tomorrow.  

I would love for you to drop by and take a look! Thanks!


  1. Nicely done with the clip art organization. I was on my way to creating something like that when I discovered Pixa (only for Macs, though). I cannot tell you what the current "count" of clip art files is because it's kind of embarrassing. Clip art addict, indeed!

  2. WOW! That is a lot of clipart! At least you have all yours organised. Mine is not!

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