Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Finally Posting!!!

Hello Bloggy World!  Wow, do the days & weeks just fly by!!! I wasn't going to post here until I posted on my classroom blog...finally hit the 'publish' button this morning!  I am going to repost it here.  Part of what took me so long was putting cute little apple smiley faces on all of my kiddos.  I am loving picmonkey for editing pictures.
Here is my post from 'Room 15: The Apple Basket'
We have had an outstanding start to our school year!

Here are pictures of our first day of third grade!

All of the children have a nice apple smiley face for now.  This is how I will post pictures of any students for whom I do not have a permission slip from the parent allowing his or her face to be shown on this site and my teacher site,
I will try to get these permission slips home by the end of this week.

The first set of two pictures is about Character & Setting.  Your child should be able to teach you about the 4 Ws of Character & Setting. The first picture is a picture of our Language Arts Journal & the second is a picture of the 'Anchor Chart' up in our room.  The next two are about Syllables.  Here are a few more:

I will try to make a few more posts in the next several days.  I am sorry it took me so long to post this, but it took quite a while to transform our class into cute little apple heads!!
Look for more Language Arts journal pages & charts, Math journal pages & charts, our 'Flat Stanley' class from back to school night, the class comparing numbers, information about educational apps, information about the world's best pencil sharpener, & pictures of our Compound Subject Rockets & Compound Predicate Rockets!
Mrs. Wilson

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