Sunday, January 31, 2016

Five for Fraturday: Teacher Meet Up, Bible Journaling,FIND, Sticky Note Love , & Do you want to build a...

It was one of those weeks once again...fighting a cold all week...came home each night to Nyquil &, here's my 5 for Frunday!

I was so blessed to attend the Manhattan Beach SoCal Blogger Meet-Up!  I enjoyed talking to everyone that I was able to visit with!  The 4 ladies in the upper right coordinated & planned a very pleasant, casual, comfortable, inviting Meet-Up...there were goodies from TpT...including 2 living breathing goodies~Sam & Jillian!...I was hoping to win a membership to Sheila Jane's Teach Happy Group...I have connected with her a bit on Social Media & I am excited to meet her in 3 weeks at #teacherstakesacramento2016, but no luck this of the highlights for me was meeting Janice from Island Lover Teacher...she had really encouraged me several weeks ago when I was down...I am so excited for TWO Teacher Meet-Ups this month, one on Saturday & the other in 3 weeks!
Just 5 days ago I came across this post from Cara Carroll on got me searching the hashtags #biblejournaling, #illustratedfaith, & #biblejournaling community...I have been finding & following a ton of IGers who are sharing this amazing form of worship...I have been screenshotting, cropping & adding their IG names...I plan to put it as a powerpoint/slideshow on my computer to encourage just a few...

I was very surprised this morning in Sunday school when I did this...
I did this in my lesson book...I really didn't think I had anything like this in me...maybe one day I will venture into Bible journaling, but for now I will enjoy the creations of others!
FIND is my word for 2016 & this Word Doodle was made for me by Jodilyn from Daisy a Day Doodles!  You can buy this along with other Doodle Words in her TpT store.  I am excited to have it on my sidebar to remind me to FIND what I need to FIND this year!
My students have really been enjoying the Sticky Notes that I have created on their assignments when they get them back...I like the Sticky Notes because they can put them on whatever they chose to at their houses.  The response have been on the picture above to find them in my store.
I must say I am SUPER thrilled about this project...about 20 years ago I received a gift of toy soldiers made from terra cotta pots...they stood about 3 feet tall & were made of 5 pots...I thought I could do this to make snowmen...I not only made large ones as gifts, I made them from the mini pots too...I wish I could find pictures of them, no luck yet...I decided K-cups were perfect for making the snowmen...the students were really proud of their snowmen & the materials were this was NOT Pinterest inspired, but maybe it will inspire others! ;-) {Pin away!}

Have a great week!


  1. WOW!!! Those bible journal pictures!!!!!! You're onto something!
    I was so sad to miss the meet up!!!!
    Hope you're feeling better!

  2. I love the bible journal doodles! Awesome! I am starting a #doodleadaywDaisy on instagram. I would love to see some of your bible journals there! You are a angel. Thanks for the shout out and link to my Power words! So, nice to make new friends. Bless you.

  3. Awe!!! I'm so humbled by your sweet write-up! Meeting you in person was definitely a highlight for ME. Thank you! And can we just talk about how lovely your bible journaling is?! Love!!! Hope you're feeling better!



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