Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Shaved Frozen Yogurt, Super Improver Stars, & Binder Clip LOVE! :D

One of my favorite treats of the last year & a half has been getting frozen yogurt.  We have a locally owned place, EzFreeze just around the block from school {dangerous...they all know me in there!}...they opened a second location in the same small mall for shaved ice...this is pretty common to find, but Joe, the owner, decided to combine these two treats & created SHAVED YOGURT!  We all enjoyed it, the picture shows my daughter's strawberry shaved yogurt.

My second Wow is Wow I finally moved forward with my Super Improver Stars!  For the last few years I have tried to use this strategy from Whole Brain Teaching, but I was never successful with moving forward...I would just get too busy with other things, as well as not having great strategies for tracking & monitoring the students' stars.  I know that some students have earned even more super improver stars that I haven't awarded for growth on the Accelerated Reader STAR test which they took when school began & just retook. As the students move up, the backing color for their names will change.

Wow, do I love Binder Clips!  I use them all the time!  I love that I can store them on a ring & have them at my fingertips any time I need; they can be dressed up with washi/decorative tape; place hooks behind my desk & hang important papers, forms, & book orders & not loose them in a pile on my desk; they can be used to hold papers that need to be returned to students & hung on a hook attached to the cubbies, large clips were the ones I used to label those cubbies when stickers just wouldn't stick!

Be back next Wednesday!

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