Sunday, April 19, 2015

Five for Frunday {Busy weeks with Gypsy; Math Games; Mentor Sentences; Looking forward to TpT Conference; Update on a Prayer Request}

The last few weeks have been very busy as my daughter has been performing in the musical Gypsy at our community college, in our brand new Performing Arts Center!  They had performances last weekend & this some very late nights.  Grandma & Grandpa came to see her {bottom left} & the bottom right picture is with one of her dance teachers/dance studio owner...I am a very proud mommy!

I LOVE everything I have purchased from Blair Turner...she has so many great products!...this week we did some review that we really needed before our fraction test with a fun Number Line Bingo game from her 3rd Grade Math Center Bundle...I so appreciated a blog post she did titled Real Life Isn't Always Laminated~Celebrating the Struggle...I really appreciate her honesty that her classroom isn't always 'picture perfect' & there are challenges...BTW, a little tip for you...each of my table groups picks up a 'desk trash' basket to collect it all up when we are doing a cutting activity.

I am REALLY loving Ideas by Jivey's Mentor Sentences!!!!  This is my bulletin board with what we have done...I would highly recommend this & I wish I had bought the bundle instead of just the first 10 weeks!!! biggest challenge has been finding the books she uses...Patricia Polacco is my principal's favorite author and he owns My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother so he came & read it to my class {I was frustrated with myself for not getting a picture of him sharing it with the class!!}...I have found several books that I don't own on YouTube which I have to show on my camera over the doc cam since our district blocks it!...I see my students finding great synonyms, looking critically about the details of a sentence & its structure & SO excited to share their modified & imitation sentences!!!

I am SO looking forward to the TpT conference this summer!!!!  On the left are pictures of what I just ordered from countdown app showing how many days, hours, & minutes to the conference, a picture of the little badges/tags I had last year at the conference...I am a part of a closed Facebook group~you can request to join~that celebrates the fonts of Kimberly Geswein, Brittney Murphy, & Darcy Baldwin...Font it up...I created a badge/tag to share with others in the group for us to be able to find one another easier at the conference!

In my last post I shared a prayer request for baby Lizzy...below is the post they shared on Facebook this week, it was the day after Addisyn was able to give her an official name, Emma Leigh, in court...I HIGHLY recommend going to the blog post Risky Love, written by a neighbor of theirs! Please continue to pray for the Block family!


  1. I'm so glad you are loving mentor sentences! Storyline Online has some of the books. I surprised your library doesn't have a lot of those books? Maybe I'm just spoiled! Of course, I'm a bookaholic so I own them all. :-P

    1. I am also a bookaholic~1,500+ in my classroom library {which I have been consumed with leveling my library for AR {our first year with it} you can read/see in previous posts, I just don't have several of the ones you used... :-( Storyline Online is YouTube based so it was blocked! :-( I used it for Enemy are going to be in Vegas this summer, right?

  2. Sienna looked adorable! I love Jivey's mentor sentences too! You ordered some really cute things from Vista Print! I have to order a few things, but haven't decided where to order from yet. I can't wait for this year's conference!

  3. So fun to see the number line bingo in action!! Thank you so much for posting! And I loved seeing the pics of your daughter in Gypsy - she looks awesome! I LOVED theater as a kid - so cool that she is doing that! :)


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