Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I'm on a Roll...Posting 2 Times in 1 Week!! More on Dropbox & Cheap Movies!!!

{If you stopped by from the Seller's Forum the post that was inspired by the thread can be found HERE, I just linked to my blog not the post...but feel free to stick around and read more! ;-)} 

    Okay...2 days in 1 week posting...maybe I can start a habit for the rest of this summer...then maybe I can actually share all of the things that have been floating around in my head for the last year!! {It really was a great school year!}
     A few more reasons that I chose Dropbox as my one cloud I am using. {If you click on the word Dropbox it does take you to my referral link, you start off with 5GB free I believe, & by using my link you get 500 MB of bonus space free!}

*My phone, my husband's phone, my ipod, and my school ipad automatically upload any pictures I take straight into my Dropbox folder!!!  I had tried Picasa for organizing my pictures & I DID NOT LIKE IT!! Once I open my Camera Uploads folder I can separate the pictures into my Personal Pictures 2014 {I have folders for previous years' pictures in there too} or into my School Pictures folder. From there I can categorize even farther by naming the event.  I took a whole lot of pictures at school this year and did an end of the year video for my students.  

*Another reason to love Dropbox is with the app I can see everything on my phone.  It is great to be able to pull up pictures {and it doesn't matter what device I took the picture on, including old phones}

*I am exited about it as well for this week's TpT Conference.  Each of the speakers have a handout.  I downloaded the handouts into a Dropbox folder just for the conference.  I was going to print out the handouts, and take them all for note taking at the conference. Pamela Krantz from Desktop Learning Adventures shared a brilliant idea of taking an iPad & using PDF Reader for the notes.  Once I added PDF Reader & opened it up it took me to a window that had Dropbox and I was able to upload the documents into PDF Reader from Dropbox.  Now I can save on ink, paper, & take less to the conference! I can write on the documents cool!

     In my last post I said I would share more about the inexpensive movies.  Cinemark has a great deal for summer.  They have a kid's movie a week all summer.  If you buy the summer pass it is 10 movies for $5!  Now since they have only 4 movies left you might be wiser to buy the tickets at the door for $1 per ticket.  The advantage of the pass is that on the back there is $3 off any popcorn ticket (that can be used each week) which makes their large popcorn {which comes with a refill} about $4.50 instead of about $7.50.  I bought 5 passes & have taken my daughter's 2 friends (sisters) who spend all summer at the babysitters to the movies with us. They show the weekly movie (at least at our theater) on Tuesday & Wednesday morning at 10:00.  I will probably check into this deal again next summer.
     I'm off to bed, but maybe I can do another quick post in the morning! Tomorrow's agenda: VBS, lunch, get stuff ready for Vegas, drive to Vegas {about 2 1/2 hours for me! :)}, get checked in...pick up name tag & check in for TpT Conference!!!!!

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